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On Grev Turegatan 9 on Östermalm in central Stockholm, you can find StureOptikern. This is Sweden’s best and largest hand-picked selection for eyeglasses, a fashion house for glasses.
“We’re always first with the latest, that’s just the way it is,” says Sofia Opazo, Floor & Buying manager, and Jessica Löwencrantz, Sales Director.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

After meeting the two enthusiastic and energized women for a while, I say ‘you seem to live and breathe optics 24/7.’ Then they both shout at the same time that I’ve picked the wrong word.

“It’s not just about optics; eyewear is an accessory. It’s about fashion and the entire style, and we help our customers build an eyewear wardrobe.”

StureOptikern is an independent store with no connection to the chains that dominate the market these days. Instead, it’s the exclusivity that gives StureOptikern its special position in that market. You get access to selected brands like Chrome Hearts, Dior, Céline, Chanel, Tom Ford, Cazal, and Victoria Beckham.

“We are a prestigious store. Therefore, new products arrive at our store first,” says Jessica.

Eyewear is an accessory. It’s about fashion and the entire style.

In parallel with the exclusivity, the service level is still high and fast, according to Sofia and Jessica.

“If your visual defect isn’t too advanced, you can have your new glasses on the same day. We have our own workshop which means that we can fix and repair relatively quickly and efficiently,” says Sofia.

Elin Asplund is one of the employees at StureOptikern, and she’s the optician of the future.

“Many people don’t understand the difference between glass and glass! It’s just like buying a TV or a camera. Or a new suit. A man who’s 180 cm tall and weighs about 75 kg may fit in any suit, but if you’re not, you might need a tailored one. It’s the same with optics and glass,” says Elin Asplund.

StureOptikern Stockholm

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For those who have more advanced eye problems or visual errors, there’s also help.

“We have direct access to eye doctors as well as specialists. Our opticians are industry leaders, and they’re constantly updated when it comes to optics development.”

The store at Grev Turegatan also organizes a lot of events. Recently, world designer Eque M hosted his Scandinavian stop at StureOptikern. A tattoo studio, saké tasting, sushi, handmade Swedish designer leather jackets from Martin Key, KismoMotors Motorcycles, cigar bar from FramCigarr, and professional barbers from Rusty Rascals, contributed to an incredible event.

Many people don’t understand the difference between glass and glass! It’s just like buying a TV or a camera. Or a new suit.

– Elin Asplund –

StureOptikern Östermalm

StureOptikern also has external collaborations. In 2017, for example, they started a partnership with Beckmans College of Design. The work was shown at Stockholm Fashion Week.

StureOptikern’s customers come from all over the world, something that can be said without exaggeration. Many have moved from Stockholm to other cities and places across the globe, but when it comes to glasses, a visit to StureOptikern is on their “to-do list” when they come home to visit.

One time StureOptikern, always StureOptikern in other words.

“We’re Sweden’s most personal optician. People have come for several generations,” says Sofia Opazo and Jessica Löwencrantz.

Sponsored article in collaboration with StureOptikern.

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