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I’m a huge fan of styling my hair to make it look the way I want it, but with hot tools we all know it’s one of the worst things you can use on your hair. But ever since I started making better choices regarding my hair I can see a big difference in quality to how it used to feel and look! So I wanted to write a post with tips and tricks on how you can keep your hair stronger and healthy!

Here are some of the things I do;

– I only wash my hair 2 times per week. Washing too frequently will dry it out with the heat from the shower and the shampoo you use and will make it tend to grease more. I used to wash it every other day, sometimes even daily and it was hard making the hair get used to not being washed as often as it tends to grease easily because of it, so it all turned into a bad circle. But I learned that dry shampoo is my best friend to keep it looking fresh and nice in between washes while your hair gets used to as few washes as possible, it was difficult in the beginning but now that my hair is washed just a few times every week it actually greases less than it used to when I used to wash it every day!

– Avoid shampoo and conditioner without silicones, sulphates and parabens. These will all make your hair LOOK good for a moment, but will make your hair really dry in the long run

– Always use heat protection before blow drying or straightening or curling your hair

– Keep your hair moisturised and refreshed! I always finish my ends off with a good hair oil and try to drink as much water as possible as it works wonders for your skin, hair and body!

– When brushing your hair, always start from the ends working yourself up. If you have really thick and long hair like me, you know the eternal struggle with tangled hair, so this will make it easier to brush and untangle as well as avoiding unnecessary breakage of your hair

These are some of my favourite products


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