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– the city's ice cream heaven since 1986
Ann Pitre and Peter Mesch opened Stockholm Glasshus in 1986. It’s a cafe, shop, and factory with handmade ice cream of the finest quality. Back then, the chef and ice cream master Peter created all the ice cream recipes that had attracted so many customers over the years. Stockholms Glasshus gradually opened several shops and delivered ice cream and cakes for a variety of retailers; some are still with them today.

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The son Oskar sometimes helped in the summer, and after a few years as a chef’s apprentice and later chef, he came back to the ice cream business and became an ice cream master. His background as a chef has, of course, been an advantage, but Oskar underlines that the ice cream master’s craftsmanship is just as genuine as the chef’s. In addition to the craft itself, it is the quality of the ingredients that is the secret behind the delicious ice cream:

“We make as much as possible from scratch. We squeeze lemons and oranges, tear cucumbers, crack eggs, and make our own sauces.”

The reason Stockholms Glasshus has been around for so long is the great product.

Today Stockholms Glasshus is located on Birkagatan 8 in Vasastan and is still run by the founder Ann Pitre. When Ann eventually retires, her son Oskar will take over and run the family tradition together with his girlfriend. One selected reseller on Valhallavägen 155 sells the full range of coned ice cream, half-liter packages, and cakes. The Nobel Museum is another retailer where the Nobel special cake is sold, a pastry flavored with Italian vanilla and blackcurrant sorbet. Besides the ice cream sold in the shop or by retailers, Stockholm Glasshus also deliver to several restaurants.

“For restaurants, we often make a little more tailored ice creams such as sorbet made of ouzo, cucumber, blood orange, and avocado. And sometimes we have some leftovers that we serve in our shop, which is appreciated by many customers.”

Stockholms Glasshus ice cream
Stockholms Glasshus also comes up with exciting new flavors for their selection of dairy ice cream, Italian ice cream, sorbet, and Light Care (sweetened with stevia). Right now, they are working on a range of organic ice cream and a variety of lactose-free ice cream. In the cafe, there are always 48 different flavors, such as Mango Sorbet, Rome Raisins (ice cream with rum marinated raisins), Marrakech (Italian ice cream orange flower, white chocolate and date plums) and Salty Caramel (caramel ice cream with chocolate and sea salt). The ice creams are also sold in half liters, i.e., half-liter packages that you can take home with you.

We make as much as possible from scratch. We squeeze lemons and oranges, tear cucumbers, crack eggs, and make our own sauces.

– Oskar Pitre –

In addition to ice cream, they also make a lot of cakes and pastries made of ice cream, and as a customer, you can have a cake made to order or choose from the fixed range, perhaps for a birthday, dinner, corporate event or graduation. The ice cream wedding cakes are also appreciated.

At Christmas time, the Christmas and New Year cakes are popular, and they have become a tradition in many families. The Christmas cake is made of saffron ice cream, gingerbread ice cream, and blackberry sorbet, while the New Year’s cake is made of pistachio ice cream, cognac-orange ice cream, and pink Champagne sorbet. Accessories such as ice torches, spun sugar, and handwritten signs come with some cakes or can be added.

Stockholms Glasshus ice cream cakes
The reason Stockholms Glasshus has been around for so long is the great product. But with the coming generation change, they have a desire to strengthen the brand and concept.

“We are proud of our product and want it to be seen! But the regulars will still recognize it, the concept will be clarified, and the café freshened up, but the ice cream will always be the same,” Oskar explains.

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