Stockholm with Mommy

It’s a weekday night of May in Hammarby Sjöstad and I am chilling at my apartment (eating probably) when I suddenly receive the happiest Facebook notification ever! My mommy has screenshot her plane ticket to Stockholm and posted it, tagging me and my brother in it.
It was also one of my happiest moments in my Scandinavian era.

She arrived 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday morning. Classic in occasions like this, she was the last one to come out the arrivals exit. Me and my brother are anxious beyond belief and I find the perfect excuse to eat several blueberry muffins while waiting.
The people at Arlanda that day probably witnessed one of the most emotional moments in the airport’s history. All 3 of us are tearing up and laughing at the same time. It had been almost 2 years of being apart and this reunion is just what we needed.
“Welcome to Stockholm Mommy, you are gonna love it!!!”

The very fast train leaves us at the central station in less than 25 minutes. We exchanged some cash and we headed back to our beautiful neighborhood. She just can’t believe that she is here and neither can we. She cleverly brought a selfie stick and we are abusing its use, haha. We get off the tram and we head close to the water on a fantastic and shining summery day. We hold hands and stare in silence into the surreal clouds of this beautiful Swedish sky.
Gracias a la vida…

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After some needed resting we head to the Peruvian-like-us Restaurant “Chicha 08” in Skanstull for a feast. The 100-sek daily menu includes ceviche, sweet and salty roasted pork belly with sweet potatoes and homemade bread with a chili sauce made with one of the most Peruvian chilis of our cuisine: rocoto. Everything was delicious!
It’s so comforting and refreshing to be able to speak the slang of your own language. Do you guys get that feeling too?

Stockholm, Sweden, Sverige, Suecia, Storytelling, foodstyling, Peruvian cuisine
After that we took her to Gamla Stan so she can stare at the beautiful and historic colorful houses. I think she took almost 100 photos in less than an hour, no joke. I mean, can you judge her? Gamla Stan is absolutely magical…
Walking in between me and my brother and holding our hands, we kind of seem silly in a cute way. Maybe you will see us one of these days walking somewhere in Stockholm, haha.

Stockholm, Sweden, Sverige, Suecia, Storytelling, cityscape, Gamla Stan, Scandinavia
The next stop is the City Hall. Another couple of hundred shots after we sit on a cute outdoor kiosk overlooking the water. Västerbron stares right back at us with all its majesty. Over a killer iced latte we tell Mommy about the gigantic differences between the Latin and Swedish cultures. Whether I am right or wrong about the matter, I think that being expressive and warm is always better. I know I am nobody to judge others but the Swedish way, at least in this matter, causes a big gap in my daily life.
“I used to be nicer and more expressive when I first came” I said to her, joking a bit. She wisely tells me that we are all different and we have to try to be more understanding. I guess so…

Stockholm, Sweden, Sverige, Suecia, Storytelling, cityscape, Stadhuset
We woke up crazily hungry for brunch treats and I am somehow overwhelmed because of the many many options that Stockholm’s vibrant food scene has to offer. As we get off at Skanstull I remembered the cute little bakery that I had been wanting to try for a very long time. “K-Märkt” at Ringen Teatern delivered one of the best breakfasts I’ve tried in Stockholm. Simplicity at its best my friends. Perfect rye bread, coffee, juice and yogurt with granola. Boom!
I’ll let the photo speak for itself.

In the interest of showing Mommy all the islands that shape up Stockholm city, we walk all the way to Kungsholmen. Fridhemsplan, St: Eriksplan, Rådhuset, you name it. This time it’s only me and her. She asks about my adaptation process when I arrived.
Most of you don’t know but right before I moved here on January the 18th, 2015; I was visiting her in Miami. Turquoise beaches, HOT and sunny days and the craziness of this amazing city. I told her that being in South Beach one day and in Stockholm the next day, in the middle of a very rough, dark and depressing winter was a shock that I barely overcame. You guys have no idea how hard it is not to see the daylight and to freeze our bottoms off. I applaud you all for putting up with it to be completely honest.
“That’s life my baby” she says. What a wise woman…

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While walking around St: Eriksplan she pulls out her phone and shows me one of my ramen soup photos. “Do you have any idea how much I have been craving this” she says to me, almost yelling -haha. I remembered that I hadn’t yet tried “Totemo Ramen”. We were lucky enough to catch them on their last day before their summer vacay. As you can see in the photo, it is delicious!!! They are back on August the 8th so you guys make sure to visit them. We ate on the cute little tables outside the restaurant. We both agree that this very European way of eating outdoors in an urban setting is genius!
A couple of flies were trying to snatch some noodles from my mom and she says “You damn flies, eat with your own money”. Hahaha, I had forgotten how funny my mom is.

Stockholm, Sweden, Sverige, Suecia, Storytelling, ramen soup, foodstyling, foodie
Back to our house and a well deserved nap, and since there is no such thing as “Let’s not eat Peruvian today ’cause we already had some yesterday” we head back to “Chicha 08”. Cebiche, Anticuchos, Lomo Saltado, Pisco sours and Peruvian beers fill our table with joy and childhood flavors. It was one of my best meals ever!
We laugh out loud, we joke with the waiters and the chefs, we constantly high-five each other and even make conversation with all the neighboring tables. That’s the Latin way my Swedish friends, pure joy and happiness. And a bit of shamelessness too, haha.

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The next day the Pisco sours are still in our veins, so we decide to “cleanse” ourselves and visit my good friend Ann-Mari at her spa in Älta. She was waiting for us with a mouthwatering brownie-ish cake and coffee, so kind as usual. She takes us to Strålsjön, or the Coca Cola lake as the locals call it due to its characteristic color. It’s a magical day, the clouds and sky are reflected on the lake, the sun is shining, the fika is delicious and life is beautiful!

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You have no idea how much I had been waiting for moments like this. I had sent photos, videos, snaps and even facetimed with her on every beautiful spot in Stockholm. I used to feel she was with me all the time, eating the meals and taking hundreds of shots until I got the right one.
I had imagined her by my side, holding my hand and admiring this beautiful city.
I waited long enough, I couldn’t wait anymore.

Stockholm, Sweden, Sverige, Suecia, Storytelling, landscape, foodstyling, best view
My mommy is here with me and I am incredibly happy. She goes with me everywhere and she is one of the only ones that actually enjoys waiting when I take hundreds of shots on my blogging adventures. She encourages me and corrects me like I’m still a child. In her eyes I still am. And of course I want to be.
She will always be my mommy. I love her so much and I am so excited to be able to show her the Stockholm that I love.

Our adventures have just begun.
My mommy is in Stockholm my friends, NU KÖR VI!!!


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