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Do you want to get a tattoo for the first time? Or is it time to decorate your body with yet another tattoo? Then Stockholm is the place to be. The trend is bigger than ever, and the capital of Sweden has been named the city in the world where most people are tattooed. The city is full of excellent tattoo shops, and no matter if it’s the first time you get tattooed or if there’s almost no free skin left on the body, this is the guide you need to find Stockholm’s best tattoo artists.
Last updated: February 21, 2024
Tattooing one’s body is the oldest form of art dating back to the time of the pharaohs. And body art is definitely something that Stockholmers are hooked on. According to surveys, Stockholm is the world’s second most tattooed city – as many as 47 percent of the inhabitants of Sweden’s capital are inked!

Body art is truly a way of expressing your individualism. Who you are and what you stand for. And, of course, we have different preferences. The size of the tattoos varies. The first-time visitor is often satisfied with a small tattoo on the upper arm, while others choose to tattoo large motifs that cover the entire back. The motives also vary greatly, and the trends change all the time. New technologies and modern equipment also create opportunities to make even more magnificent motifs. Only imagination sets the limits.

If you need inspiration for the next tat, you should not miss the famous tattoo convention Stockholm Ink Bash, which has been arranged in August every year Since 1996. Hundreds of award-winning tattoo artists from all over the world gather here, and you have the chance to experience world-class tattoo art.

Tattoo Stockholm

Find the right artist for your next tattoo in Stockholm

Since your tattoo will be a companion for the rest of your life, a great result is important. You need to choose the right motif, do it for the right reason, and above all, have it done by the right artist at a good and serious tattoo shop. Then your motif or text will be exactly as you intended.

So, where can you get a tattoo in Stockholm? The fact that it is so popular to decorate the body has led to a city full of skilled designers and artists. Södermalm, Old Town, Kungsholmen, Vasastan – no matter what district you’re in, you can find a tattoo studio that can give you precisely the motif you want. (And should you regret old mistakes, many places offer tattoo removal.)

To help you find the right one in the large selection, we’ve put together a guide to Stockholm’s best tattoo artists. A tip on the way is to visit and talk to the artist once before it’s time for the tattoo. Then you can see if the atmosphere and the tattoo artist feel right. It’s also a good idea to compare prices on tattoos between different shops before you pick one – even though the quality should always be number one. And keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo.






Notorious Ink

Notorious Ink Stockholm
Let a skilled artist do you dream tattoo at Notorious Ink
Notorious Ink is one of Stockholm’s most popular tattoo parlors, and you’ll find it in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia in Solna. This pleasant studio is known for its stylish quality tattoos performed by extraordinarily talented tattoo artists with extensive experience. They’re especially skilled at hyper-realistic designs such as portraits. But no matter what type of tattoo you choose, you’ll get a unique piece of art you’re happy with and a top-notch tattoo that stays nice and fresh for a long time.

Besides a fantastic result, you get professional treatment from the friendly and helpful staff. You can tell that they love their work. And if it’s your first time under the needle, Notorious Ink is a perfect place to make your debut. The tattoo artists are happy to help with tips and advice on design, font, size, and placement if you feel unsure about how you want it. You should feel 100% safe with everything from motifs to hygiene. In addition, you can get help with cover-up tattoos, and the studio also offers piercing.

It’s obvious that Notorious Ink has succeeded with its concept. So far, they have done 10,000 tattoos, and today the studio has many happy – and returning – customers. So whether you want to get your first small tattoo or get inked for the fiftieth time, it’s just to book an appointment online or try a walk-in (open every day of the week) to make your tattoo idea a reality. And look out for the sharp guest artists, often international, who regularly visit the studio.

Mall of Scandinavia, Stjärntorget 2, Solna

Studio 75

Allegra at Studio 75 offers a great tattooing experience

Studio 75 is a tattoo studio in central Stockholm run by two passionate and professional tattoo artists, Allegra and Anton, who have long experience in the industry. Here, you can get your dream tattoo based on your individual style and personality. Whether you’re looking for a small design or want to tattoo your whole arm at once, the super-skilled artists will ensure that your new tattoo is exactly what you want.

The fresh studio is a welcoming environment with a friendly vibe where you immediately feel at home. The tattoo artists take good care of you and make sure you feel comfortable throughout your visit. And if you are unsure of the motif, size, placement, or anything else, they’ll help you so that you feel totally safe. In short, at Studio 75, you get a fantastic tattoo experience and a result you’ll be more than happy with.

Kammakargatan 47, Norrmalm

Tattoos Stockholm
Photo: Matheus Ferrero – Unsplash

Imperial Tattoo

Imperial Tattoo is a salon located in the middle of Birkastan in Vasastan with experienced artists. The studio has been around since 2011, and the skilled tattooists specialize in old school, Japanese, and black & gray – very popular styles. The owner Johan Losand has been a tattoo artist for more than 17 years and is an expert on Japanese styles. His vision with the studio is that it should be relaxing and private, both for the artists and customers. The health aspect is an important part, and the studio carefully follows all applicable rules within sterilization, approved equipment, etc. All to make you feel completely safe.
Birkagatan 14, Vasastan



East Street Tattoo

Do you want to get a tattoo in Södermalm? Then East Street, which you’ll find in Skanstull, is a good choice. This legendary tattoo studio has inked Stockholmers and visitors since 1993 and is today the oldest studio in Stockholm city. A proof of its popularity is that famous tattoo artists have visited it from all over the world over the years. If you book an appointment here (some days, they also have drop-in), you can be sure of getting a high-quality tattoo.

East Street is not only a custom studio with very experienced tattooists but also a wholesaler. The studio only sells quality products, and their wide range has made them one of the country’s leading wholesalers of tattoo equipment and products. In the webshop, you can, for example, order tattoo machines, tattoo inks, and tattoo needles. They mainly sell to other studios and tattoo artists, but private individuals can also buy some of the products.

Ölandsgatan 50, Södermalm

Catapult Tattoo

In a cozy room with lovely decor, high ceilings, and beautiful windows, you’ll find Catapult Tattoo specializing in fantastic watercolor motifs and portraits. The salon can also pride itself on having well-known profiles, both the ones under the needle and those who hold it. With Fabbe and Emilia, who participated in ‘Master Ink’ a few years ago, you can be sure that the studio has a stamp of quality and under the needle laid no less than Guns N ‘Roses guitarist Slash when he visited Stockholm.
Falugatan 24, Vasastan

Carma Ink

Södermalm is Stockholm’s mecca when it comes to tattoos. Undoubtedly, it’s the district with the most shops, and Carma Ink, located in Hornstull, is one of the gems. It’s a tattoo studio where the goal is always to make the customers happy. The team is young but with many years of experience, and here they tattoo Japanese, black and white, realism, and much more. The studio and the staff strive for an open dialogue with their customers and like you to bring your idea so you can create a unique and original tattoo together. Drop-in applies to all weekdays, while weekends are for booked appointments.
Hornsgatan 106, Södermalm
Tattoo artist in Stockholm
Photo: Allef Vinicius – Unsplash

Salong Betong

When it comes to something as important as a tattoo, it is worth going a bit outside Stockholm city to get it just the way you want. Salong Betong is located in Högdalen and specializes in realism, custom script, and black & gray. Everyone is welcome – no motive is too small or large, and it doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 80 years old. But the place is popular, so it is a good idea to book an appointment; the wait time depends on the size of the motif.

Salong Betong is one of Sweden’s most talked-about tattoo studios, a big reason being the documentary series about the founders, ‘Danne & Bleckan’, which was broadcasted on television. This is also a pretty celebrity-crowded place; both artists and actors have found their way here over the years. In addition, Salong Betong has been allowed to design Reebok shoes, listed as one of Sweden’s most powerful in men’s fashion, and participated in several charity projects.

Skebokvarnsvägen 151, Högdalen




A beautiful building in the heart of the Old Town houses a bunch of passionate people from all over the world who love to create lifelong art. SQUID & INK has five artists, an apprentice, and a shop manager who are happy to help you with tips, advice, or answer your questions about how it works, design choices, or how bad it actually hurts. The studio often invites guest artists, so you can definitely get just the style you want. They also arrange events. A tip is to check out the studio’s Instagram account, frequently updated with news and designs.
Stora Gråmunkegränd 3, Old Town

Deepwood Tattoo

This salon is known for its creativity, so if you’re looking for something different or a tattoo outside the classic motifs, you should talk to Deepwood Tattoo. The shop is located in Björkhagen in the southern parts of Stockholm. Deepwood has several tattoo artists, and each one has a unique style. If you’re interested in booking, do so via e-mail or directly on one of the tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts.
Eslövsvägen 4, Björkhagen
Tattoo shops in Stockholm

Stockholm Alternative

We end our list of Stockholm’s best tattoo shops with an alternative shop. Stockholm Alternative specializes in pattern-based tattoos. It’s an exclusive ‘bespoke and holistic’ tattoo studio in the middle of Old Town for those who want to decorate their body with stylish patterns. The studio is acknowledged among tattoo connoisseurs around the world. Above all, it’s through the studio’s Touka Voodoo style, where the artists tattoo freely and create bold and symmetrical patterns, that they have gained their good reputation.
Österlånggatan 12, Old Town

Go get a tattoo in Stockholm

Now you have everything you need before you get a tattoo in Stockholm. We hope you’ll find a tattoo artist that suits you and that you’ll be satisfied with the result.

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