Stockholm's citywide treasure hunt

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Stockholm’s City Hunt is a fantastic way for tourists and locals to get to know Stockholm a lot better. It’s a citywide treasure hunt where a team of awesome folks (like you!) tries to solve clues and hints around Stockholm quicker than an opposing team!

We caught up with the Founder, Karol Minarovič, to learn more about this exciting and unique tour.

Tell us more about City Hunt’s background. Why did you expand into Stockholm?
The City Hunt started 5 years ago in Prague, as an ideal setting for our historical city hunt game. Right from the start, it was a great success – we received great feedback from top companies like Google, Microsoft, IKEA, and Coca-Cola. So we decided to use our unique template and experience to gradually expanded into other cities across Europe. Now we’re in 27 cities! It was only a matter of time before we curated our game to the beautiful city of Stockholm.

What inspired you to start City Hunt?
As a tour guide and lover of history, I was looking for a way to offer something else than a regular bus or walking tour. Inspired by a treasure hunt in London, I used my detailed knowledge of Prague to prepare my own version. I collected feedback over time and adjusted the game accordingly.

What makes the concept unique?
City Hunt is an original way for companies to meet their requirements for fun team-building within time and geographical constraints. Imagine a company that has a big international conference in Stockholm; they finish at 4 pm and they’ve booked dinner for 7 pm. Our team meets the whole group at the conference room, explains what’s going to happen, create and motivates teams that compete against each other to find the sacred code of Stockholm in the Old Town. The city hunt naturally finishes up at the agreed-upon restaurant and we award the winner right before the dinner. This allows the participants to get to know the city, have fun, and socialize with colleagues in a different environment and even win some prizes. This is what many companies want these days.

City Hunt Stockholm

What has reception been like so far in Stockholm? Among locals vs. tourists?
Very good, we just launched the game in Stockholm three months ago, and already have had many companies request info. We focus on companies or private groups of more than nine people: birthdays, stag parties, bridesmaids. So far, we’ve had only companies from abroad coming to Stockholm for a company trip or sales events. In other cities, local companies use us for a new team-building idea and we expect that this will also the case in Stockholm in the future.

Find out more about City Hunt on their website.

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