website creator While streaming music is convenient and easy, vinyl remains close to many of our music-loving hearts. What is more fun than spending a few hours browsing at record shop overflowing with both vintage and new discs, studying cover art of old – and perhaps finding that rare gem you’ve spent years searching for?

The second hand vinyl scene is huge in Stockholm and while there are plenty of great shops from which to choose we have some favourites. Södermalm and Vasastan are where most are located – and lucky for tourists, the shops are run by people just like you – so they speak your kind of English.


Internationally renowned, Snickars is run DJ and producer Mika runs the shop (with Jessica), and while the focus is on dance, pretty much every genre is on tap. With thousands upon thousands of records to choose from –with plenty of unusual finds – you could easily lose an entire day of your vacation trawling through the stacks. And if you’re lucky you’ll be there on a day when a special event has been organised, such as the legendary Saturday scratch sessions.

Where: Hökens gata 11
Hours: Mon-Fri 12-19; Sat 12-17; Closed Sundays
Contact: +46 (0)8 643 13 44

Pet Sounds

Nearly 40 years on the scene and Pet Sounds remains one of Stockholm’s best. Here you’ll find new releases alongside golden oldies covering every style of music, and there is also a fantastic section where you’ll discover some of those rare gems we all love. The staff is helpful (if a bit eccentric), you might come across an in-house jam, there are plenty of books, magazines, and even cds – and at night it’s often turned into a bar. Bonus: they do mail order.

Where: Skånegatan 53
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-18; Sat 11-17; Closed Sundays
Contact: +46 (0)8 702 97 98;

The Golden Oldies Shop

Specialising in singles, EPs and LPs from the 1950s through the 1980s, The Golden Oldies Shop is a dream for collectors, both those who buy and those who sell. Owner Jan-Erik Ekblom, who is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of music, has a global reach, so if he doesn’t have what you’re looking for have a chat and he’ll probably find it. This is the place for the serious collector – but those of your just starting your collection are more than welcome.

Where: S:t Eriksgatan 96
Hours: Tue & Fri 12-18; Sat 12-15; Open by appointment
Contact: +46 (0)8 32 22 40;


Oh, that name! The Nostalgia Palace! It says everything you need to know about Stockholm’s biggest vintage record shop, which also carries vintage posters, memorabilia, movies, toys… you name it, they’ve got it. When it comes to music they only sell vinyl, there are plenty of gems mixed in with the usual fare, and their website is global. The staff is super helpful and when you’re done sifting through the myriad stacks in the main shop, check out the Trash Palace next door, where it’s hardcore metal and punk all the way.

Where: S:t Eriksgatan 101
Hours: Mon-Fri 11-19; Sat 11-16; Closed Sundays
Contact: +46 (0)8 34 00 61;

Record Hunter

With more than 30 thousand LPs, CDs, and DVDs, it’s amazing this shop finds room to buy in more than 2000 new records each week from around the world. Specialising in older vinyl, this is the place to find both limited editions and rarities – and if you’re keen on something in particular the team will do their best to hunt it down for you. There is, after all, a reason for their name.

Where: S:t Eriksgatan 70
Hours: Mon-Fri 12-18; Sat 11-16; Sun 12-16
Contact: +46 (0)8 32 20 23

Record Mania

Their slogan is ‘A new store every Friday’ and they’re not kidding when they say this. Record Mania not only runs a bustling shop they also run a bustling website, where you can order, create a wish list, see what’s just in, find out what’s being bought and traded… the list goes on and on. Head over to Stockholm’s Södermalm and check out this little gem.

Where: Östgötagatan 2
When: Mon-Fri 12-18; Sat 12-16; Closed Sun
Contact:; +46 (0)8 744 2494

Alley Stuff

This is a pretty new player on the scene and while it’s not wholly devoted to vinyl they do have a strong selection and they’re growing it. Rare stuff and bargains arrive regularly, so worth popping your head in regularly. And if you’re a general second hand junkie you’ll probably want to take time to wander around the rest of the shop, which carries all sorts of interesting stuff, such as original posters and old school boom boxes. Very knowledgeable staff.

Where: Urvädersgränd 2
When: Mon-Fri 12-18; Sat 12-16;

Fade Records

Vinyl, equipment, clothing, cassettes, cds… Fade is your one stop shop, particularly if you’re into the dj scene. The shop is small but the selection is pretty vast, and the staff are happy to help you order anything you need.

Where: Skånegatan 78
When: Mon-Fre 12-18; Sat 12-16; Closed Sundays
Contact:; +46 (0)8 642 98 20

Little Shop of Records

Buy, trade, sell – this tiny shop just around the corner from Zinkensdamm subway station on Södermalm is packed with a wide range of both expected and unexpected records. There are two bonuses to this shop: one, the owner is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music, and two, the prices are great and you can pay in either kronor or Euros.

Where: Hornsgatan 87
When: Tue-Fri 15-18; Sat 12-16; Closed Sundays
Contact: +46 (0)72 288 69 18

Hot Records

It might be a bit out of the way but Hot Records is worth the trek. Excellent selection of used vinyl, as well as hard to find films and even CDs. There are some newly released among the stacks but that’s not really what you come here for. Staff is great, they hold regular events, and the website will let you know what’s coming through the doors.

Where: Råsundavägen 110, Solna
When: Mon-Fri 11-18; Sat 11-15; Closed Sunday
Contact:; +46 (0)8 735 66 30

Larry’s Corner

Larry’s shop is a little slice of heaven, with music as well as films, books, and anything else that takes Larry’s fancy. There’s also an exhibition room, where various events are held, and there are often small concerts held on the premises. Larry’s Corner is one of those places you have to see to believe – and Larry serves excellent coffee.

Where: Grindsgatan 35
When: (These are not a typos!) Tue-Fri 11:57-18:04; Sat 11:56-17:02; Sun-Mon Larry has better things to do that run the shop

Good luck finding your favorite music in the best record shops for vinyl in Stockholm!