Stockholm’s best food markets

Food reflects a country and culture like few other things and most of us like to eat great food, so visiting one of Stockholm’s legendary food halls and markets will not only reveal a bit more about Stockholmers, it will also get you a great meal.

Time to take a look at View Stockholm’s favourite food halls and markets.

Östermalms Saluhall

Located in the heart of Stockholm’s tony Östermalm district, this food hall is where you’ll find possibly the best salmon in the city, exotic fruits, reindeer and boar, and pretty much anything else that might take your fancy. So it is not a coincidence that Östermalms Saluhall has been named the world’s 7th best food hall (and it’s also one of the world famous chef Jamie Oliver’s favourite places in Stockholm). Currently under renovation in order to bring the remarkable space back to the glory it displayed when opened in 1888, the proprietors are not about to let the city’s foodies down: they’ve built a temporary food hall in the square outside that is allowing all vendors and restaurants to continue to trade.

Where: Östermalmstorg


Located on the ground floor of a multi-purpose building that includes movie theatres, clothing stores, and myriad restaurants, Söderhallarna might not have quite the storied history of Östermalm’s Saluhall but it certainly has the quality. One of the city’s best cheese shops is located right at the centre of the food hall, while the fishmonger, Melanders, is a Swedish institution (check out their adjoining restaurant if you’re hungry). Fresh produce and an excellent poultry stall are among the other excellent offerings, along with freshly baked bread and a top of the line coffee and tea purveyor.

Where: Medborgarplatsen


Another food hall that is brimming with exotic as well as more run of the mill fare, Hötorgshallen offers a wide array of food vendors, as well as several excellent restaurants. Located downstairs from the square (in the same building as the big movie theatre) this is where you’ll find ready-made meals that highlight a wide variety of international cuisine (we love the greek ready-made meals) as well as slightly exotic Swedish meats, such as reindeer, boar, and eel. Specialty imported chocolates and other sweets sit alongside super-fresh (and yes, exotic) produce that isn’t run-of-the-mill. This place is bustling most of the time, with a wonderful atmosphere.

Where: Hötorget

Whether you are a food connoisseur or just a big fan of eating, we are sure that you will be inspired and find some delicious things to eat at Stockholm’s food markets!

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