Stockholm’s Top 5 art galleries

Like most capital cities Stockholm attracts the best and the brightest when it comes to the arts, so it should come as no surprise that the city is crawling with art galleries, both for browsing and for finding that unexpected treasure for your home.

While Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan) is a good place to start in your search for great art there are plenty of galleries off the beaten track as well – and contemporary art tends to rule the scene. Let’s get started.

Wetterling Gallery

Founded nearly forty years ago, Wetterling Gallery is one of the leading galleries highlighting contemporary Scandinavian art. In addition to giving Swedish and Scandinavian artists an excellent platform from which to grow their reputation, Wetterling is also known for introducing international artists to the local scene.

Where: Kungsträdgården 3

Wetterling gallery Stockholm

At Wetterling Gallery you find excellent contemporary Scandinavian art – Photo © Wetterling Gallery

Lars Bohman Gallery

Hosting some of the most interesting contemporary art in Stockholm, the Lars Bohman Gallery is known not just for its international focus but also for mounting thought-provoking and challenging exhibitions that really get tongues wagging. Past exhibitions have brought the work of such notable artists as Yayoi Kusama and Louise Bourgeois to the Stockholm art lover.

Where: Karlavägen 9

Magasin III

Founded in 1987, Magasin III pledges to support artists that ‘influence, engage, and question’ through their art. Housed in a former dockside warehouse, the ambitious agenda of this art gallery has made it one of the leading forces on the Swedish contemporary art scene, highlighting both local and international artists, both in its vast rooms and through loans to galleries across the world.

Where: Frihamnsgatan 28

Gallery Steinsland Berliner

If graffiti is your thing then Gallery Steinsland Berliner is the place for you. Priding itself on exhibiting the best of international graffiti, here is where you’ll find the works of noted artists such as Neck Face and Dash Snow. The gallery also hosts performance art in its edgy Södermalm location.

Where: Bondegatan 70

Gallery Steinsland Berliner Stockholm

Enjoy both emerging and established artists at Gallery Steinsland Berliner – Photo © Steinsland Berliner


A relatively new player to the scene, the Belenius/Nordenhake art gallery focuses on young contemporary art – but that doesn’t mean artists in mid- to late-career are overlooked. This gallery is always on the lookout for any artists with international viability, so be prepared for some eye-opening art experiences.

Where: Jaokbs Torg 3

We wish you a great time visiting Stockholm’s best art galleries – and we hope you’ll find some beautiful art to take home with you.

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