Stockholm. My beloved home!



WOW! My very first publication in ViewStockholm.  How incredible journey I’ve just started.
I would like to start this blogg with a short introduction of myself. My name is George von Zuvic, even if my name doesn’t sound so latin, I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. A South American country called as a paradise… I know, because it’s tropical weather, amazing places and views, beachs and beautiful womans… Miss Universe record.

After I’ve spend 20 years of my life in that amazing country, I decided that was the perfect time to explore the world, find new amazing destinations, and incredible adventures…. I started with sweden as my first stop around the world. My first thought when I arrived to Arlanda, was…. – Gosh!!! How people could live here with so much COLD??? -, hehehe, well… I ironicly after a week, I got pretty much in love with the weather, the snow and the spongy white everywhere.

I supposed to spend just a month in this destination, but after 6 years of that… honestly I’ve realized that I was in love with this city… this country. I fall in love with Stockholm for it’s mix between classic and modern. I got fascinated for it’s local culture and costums…. I fall in love to FIKA, the perfect excuse for take a moment to admire my around with some coffee and a delicious cupcake.

I fall in love of Stockholm because we could be 2.500.000 people living together, with 120 different cultures, languages, and nationalities and we still respect each other, support each other and most important, love each other… I’ve start a Journey of adventure in Sweden… and Honestly I didn’t need to much time to start called… My Home…!

George von Zuvic



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    You are lovely and interesting person, It is a wonderful blog 🙂


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