Stockholm Autumn Lifestyle

Stockholm Autumn Lifestyle

Now that the autumn has found its way over the city, with its ocher-colored mantles, the sensation of freshness and the cold air. The season gives us the opportunity to use the garments of the newest fashion designs. A cozy leather jackets, cashmere scarves or sophisticated gloves, which are combined with the climate of the City.  Stockholm becomes a fashion catwalk show on it every corner.

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“Sweden have a great sense of fashion and colors of the season, where your fashion personality is the watermark style of life.”


Foto: Rasmus Ledin Instagram @wakeupnaked

Autumn, is the perfect season to make our shelters, the most welcoming places where we spend most of our time. Our home. Those rooms decorated with yellows and grays.

Fresh flowers of the season, bronze candelabra lit at sunset, to make September, the beginning of a great inspiration for the season.

“Rasmus Ledin, is a talented Swedish Interior designer from On his picture he shows us the best example. A simple Autumn Scandinavian Design.”

Rasmus, is a popular interior designer, one of the most talented of Stockholm. His art, makes us connect with each space, turning our homes into pieces of art. His designs are the best examples of balance, style, elegance and a touch of nostalgia and happiness, which makes all our senses blend in part of the landscape.

The nuances in each corner of our home, designed together with the correct materials for the season.               The humble of its reliefs and the ocher colors, combined with specifically selected furniture, welcoming you to all its surrounding spaces. It is simply perfection, which reminds us of the perfect balance and style that our lives deserve.

“It’s just perfect, perfect.”

Stockholm, is lucky to be surrounded by nature, which reminds us every day that autumn has arrived. The leaves of the trees fall with their yellow and orange colors, causing a blanket of roads all over the city. The green grass, with bronze trees and the freshness of the air, which begins welcoming you to colder and colder temperatures. Sweden is another country now, as we are also. Elegant, stylish and smiles that combine with the season.


Sandhamn - Stockholm


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