Stockholm attractions

Sure there’s plenty of things to look at in Stockholm, you have the usual tourist dross sure. Gamla Stan. The palace. Museums. Obviously all not dross but if you’re anything like me you’d much rather be sitting quietly with a good coffee in a good spot people watching. 

I may not like the general public but I certainly enjoy watching them. 

I love people watching, quietly observing interactions in the street, in cafes… in bedrooms. ( ‘I joke Officer’ ) 

You can learn a lot about a nation’s people by watching them. The differences, the nuances, I find it fascinating. 

Last summer I was in Drop Coffee and an American woman asked for the wifi password. It was written behind the barista on pretty visible sign, but he answered ‘it’s Guatemala’. 

The lady said thankyou and headed back outside. 

I turned to my fika partner and said 

‘In 30 seconds she’ll come back in and ask ‘how do you spell Guatemala?”

30 seconds to the second she came back in and said ‘how do you spell Guatemala?’

Ok, so perhaps by itself not so impressive, but when you pick up on things / make predictions like this on a regular basis it makes people watching extremely entertaining, especially if you have a partner in crime who can validate these little anecdotes. 

I’m going to do a few pieces about my favourite cafes / people watching locations in the city. Watching Swedes awkwardly make their way around their natural habitat is extremely entertaining. This is the real attraction and charm of Stockholm. ‘Charm’ being used in the loosest possible sense obviously.

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