Stockholm’s Asparagus Festival: 16 years of luxury on a plate

When the very limited asparagus season rolls around each spring foodies the world over perk up with excitement. Stockholm foodies (and food lovers across Sweden) have a special reason to celebrate, because they know that it’s time for Sparrisfestivalen – Sweden’s annual Asparagus Festival.

While green asparagus is much more common and available it’s that even rarer commodity, white asparagus, which is the focus of the Asparagus Festival. Grown in darkness and imported from the OGA Bruchsal cooperative in Schwetzingen (known as the asparagus town) in southern Germany, it’s rich and delicate in flavour and taste – and that’s what makes it the Rolls Royce of asparagus.

“Schwetzinger Meisterschuss is known around the world for producing the finest quality asparagus,” says Hansuno Krisch, the man behind the Swedish Asparagus Festival. “You can’t grow this asparagus in northern latitudes so the Asparagus Festival means Swedes – and tourists visiting Stockholm and Sweden – get the opportunity to taste what I think is one of the finest delicacies to celebrate the spring, after a winter period in darkness and harsh weather.”

Now that we know the festival has started (May 5th – 27th) there are two questions that we need to answer: where can you find this delightful palette pleaser while you’re visiting Stockholm? And what should you drink with it?

Stockholm’s Man in the Moon restaurant in downtown Stockholm (Tegnérgatan 2 c) has been taking part in the Asparagus Festival for fifteen years, composing carefully thought out daily dishes, both starters and mains, which highlight the delicate flavour and taste of the white asparagus of south of Germany. A number of other eateries and markets in Stockholm (and across the country) are also taking part.

To accompany the asparagus Hansuno Krisch recommends the 2014 Anselmann Grauer Burgunder Classic, a white, rich, full-bodied, well-balanced German wine with a mature acid and a slight hint of sweetness, which will not only compliment the asparagus, but also goes well with meat that might be included in the dish. This wine comes from Pfalz, one of 13 quality wine districts known for volcanic soils, which are instrumental in creating a rich wine.

It’s time to celebrate the white OGA-asparagus, the King of asparagus, during the month of May and beginning of June!

For further information contact:

Hanuno Krisch
Sparrisfestivalen AB
Spättvägen 20
181 30 Lidingö

+ 46 70 730 52 60

* This wine is part of a special import available to connoisseurs who shop at Sweden’s alcohol monopoly Systembolaget outlets at Hamngatan PK-Huset and in Lidingö. It can also be delivered outside of Stockholm by wine importer ITM-Wine. For further information please contact them at +46 70 730 52 60.

In collaboration with Sparrisfestivalen.

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