StikkiNikki’s Delicious, Organic Gelato in Stockholm

Looking for delicious, organic gelato in Stockholm? Look no further than StikkiNikki, a must-try gelato shop with several locations in Stockholm.

StikkiNikki is a small, family owned and operated business. Their gelato is made fresh daily, serving over 500 different flavours since 2008. Originating in Stockholm, StikkiNikki started out as a small kiosk selling gelato by the water. And they’ve now grown to being cherished by local Stockholmers, with 8 permanent store locations across the city.




Simple, Homemade Ingredients


When touring around Stockholm on a warm sunny day, a refreshing gelato is always a welcome treat. It’s hard to miss a StikkiNikki shop, what with their bright pink signs and tables. But what continues to draw me in is how their gelato is made with fresh, simple and organic ingredients – nothing artificial here. Everything they add to their gelato, they make from scratch – including their own vanilla extract, fudge and caramel sauce. These days, when processed foods and artificial ingredients seem to be everywhere, you can really admire a store like StikkiNikki.


Organic Gelato in Stockholm


What’s more is StikkiNikki uses only the best quality ingredients – with less fat, sugar, and no chemicals or additives whatsoever. So it’s good and good for you! They also make a variety of vegan gelato using their own nut milk, which is great for anyone with dietary restrictions.


Unique Gelato Flavours


StikkiNikki always has an impressive selection of creative and appetizing flavours. The assortment changes every day, featuring new and exciting flavours, as well as the classics you know and love. But don’t worry, the most popular flavours do reappear every now and then.


StikkiNikki organic gelato


Some of my favourite flavours include coffee, cheesecake, Turkish yogurt, raspberry, ricotta chocolate chip, lingonberry yogurt, and even salty liquorice – a sure favourite amongst the Swedes. Every flavour is unique, fresh and absolutely delicious. You can’t fake the kind of love and attention put into this gelato!


You can enjoy StikkiNikki gelato all year round throughout central Stockholm. To find a store near you, visit their website here.




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