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It is with a great big smile and huge enthusiasm that i bring to you ‘Sthlm Strength’, my very own PT company that will be based out of the Sweden Barbell Club that i wrote about a short time ago.
I stated in that post if i was to design a gym then this would be it, so to be able to train clients out of there is like a dream come true in a way. It also is the perfect platform for me to unleash upon the fitness world my very own training concept ‘Half hour Power’, This idea has been rattling around in my head for a few years now, and with this opportunity to have my own training company in this exceptional gym i can finally put my idea into action and change people’s lives.

The idea is simple, a workout containing the big lifts undertaken in a way that are scientifically proven to improve your cardio, burn fat, and increase your metabolism, as well as building power, strength and muscle all at the same time!

You constantly hear Crossfitters bleating on about how amazing Crossfit is, yet none of them will tell you about the injuries they, or people they train with experience, ranging from serious to genuinely life threatening. But some of the ideas behind Crossfit itself are actually very good, it is just implemented very badly by ‘trainers’ who have in many cases only attended a weekend certification and have no other experience other than paying the 2000USD or equivelant to attend the weekend course.
This is where my ‘Half Hour Power’ comes into its’ own. In my experience the number of people who wish to train as a powerlifter / olympic lifter is very, very small, especially in Stockholm. However Stockholmers absolutely love fitness, being ‘in shape’ and love classes where they train with and are motivated by other people. It pairs the true strength, power, muscle building of power lifting / olympic lifting / bodybuilding with the competitive, group, cardio / condition aspects of Crossfit. Best of all it is perfect for the busy and time precious lives of Stockholmers as the entire warm-up and workout are wrapped up in 30 minutes!

I know what you’re thinking, 30 minutes? ‘i can’t get a proper workout in 30 minutes’. Well if you’re thinking along those lines then allow me to offer one session absolutely free of charge. I am so confident in this concept that i know once you’ve tried it and felt how tough yet envigorating it is you will sign up for a package. Best of all if you train with a partner or friend you will get even more out of the session along with making a financial saving!
At the same time as experiencing the Half Hour Power concept you will see what it feels like to train in a real gym, not some watered down, ‘lagom’ training facility where people go to exercise rather than train.

I have created a new instagram account for my PT business which you can find @sthlm.strength and you can contact me there for your free session. If you are not on instagram fear not, you can email me instead at

Below is a time lapsed video of a session i took with a long term client of mine. He has trained with me in a previous bootcamp position i had and he gave me extremely positive feedback after this workout.
He will be training with me with his girlfriend and taking me up on the Half Hour Power Duo package.

I genuinely love this concept, and as a special offer if you want to train with someone to make it more ‘fun’ and make use of the savings offered with the Duo package but can’t find a time you can make work with anyone else, then i will train with you!

I look forward to hearing from / training with you ūüėÄ

** i am a much better personal trainer than i am with technology, so unfortunately i’ve still not mastered how to hyperlink here, but you can find the time lapse video here.

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