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- number 1 in exclusive formal menswear

Steens Herrmode has Scandinavia’s largest selection of formal wear for rent or sale. The store is located on the second floor on Odengatan, in airy premises of 280 square meters with fishbone parquet and 20th century windows. Neatly folded shirts are placed in dark wooden cupboards, and in the glass cases there are cufflinks lined up.

In the shop you get help finding a suit, tailcoat, tuxedo, jacquette or frockcoat. In addition to formal wear, shirts and cufflinks, the store also sells regular sweaters, shoes and accessories. The shop also has a tailor that sews your shirts and suits.

Steens Herrmode formal wear

At Steens Herrmode you get help finding a suit, tailcoat, tuxedo, jacquette, frockcoat, shoes and other formal wear.

As a groom you can rent your wedding clothing at Steens: tailcoat, suit, tuxedo, jacquette or frockcoat and shoes. Handkerchief or bow tie is not included, but the store owner Sebastian teaches you how to tie the bow tie yourself. And even if he thinks that hand tied bow looks best, he gives you a tied one in reserve for the wedding day. If you book an appointment after 7 pm, you can bring your friends and have a glass of champagne while trying on clothes. It’s also fine to drop in during the store’s opening hours.

Steens Herrmode started in 1932 as a family business. After a change of ownership the store began to focus more on wedding clothing. Sebastian took over the store in the spring of 2016. He has worked with clothes in various ways for over twenty years, including as a summer stand-in, shop salesman and CEO. Now he wants to go back to the store’s old craft – to dress the customer in something that fits them well.

“It’s better to spend a little more time to find that thing that fits you perfectly”, Sebastian says.

Steens Herrmode mens wear Stockholm

You don’t need to be a snob to dress right. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear, and that it fits you well.

– Sebastian Tagebjer, store owner –

The customers at Steens Herrmode aren’t just grooms. Sebastian tells us about an occasion when a diplomat, a gardener and a Swedish security police employee were served at the same time in the store, the latter because Steens Herrmode also sells uniforms to the police and military. At more solemn gatherings for uniformed corps, such as the army, navy, air force and merchant navy, they wear a shell jacket that Steens sews up to measure.

Hotel conciergers and opera singers are other examples of customers that come to the store. So even if Steens is a purveyor to the king, and occasionally has Oscar nominated customers, the store welcomes anyone who needs fancy clothing.

Steens Herrmode formal wear in Stockholm

That’s why Steens Herrmode isn’t just a store that has survived for generations. It’s also a shop with intergenerational customers. A father can bring his son to rent his first tuxedo. Whether the tuxedo’s brand is German or Italian is less important, according to Sebastian.

“You don’t need to be a snob to dress right”, says Sebastian. “The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear, and that it fits you well.”

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