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Staycation at Hobo Hotel, a cool and lively experience in Stockholm’s heart


Hobo Hotel, located at Brunkebergstorg in the heart of Stockholm, is literally a few steps away from Gamla Stan (the Old Town), the Central Station, Östermalm (the fanciest area in town) and Mood Gallerian (a great mall). Therefore, it constitutes one of the city’s main epicenters. Actually, it doesn’t constitute it just because of it. They have created this epicenter by building a lively and exciting hotel that I would define as COOL.

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Featuring 201 rooms, a restaurant, 2 floors of bars, a café, a stage, and SPACEby -a pop-up area for creativity-oriented collabs between locals and guests.
And even a terrace, well, at least during the summertime.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

As I said, my first impression of the hotel was like “wow, this is pretty damn nice!”. While entering through the moving doors and if you are nearly as curious as I am, you will notice a lively and active life going on by the lobby and level floor bar.
The wooden check-in counter is small and there is a red neon shiny light that reads “hej” (hello in Swedish). The back wall is decorated with props and gadgets for sale.

Right across from it there is the indoor garden shelves as I like to call it.
As seen on the photo, it serves a dual purpose: both decorating and providing fresh herbs used at the restaurant and bars. How cool is that!
This area also features a bar with shiny metal red stools to get some job done and take thousands of shots, if you are into that kind of stuff. My suggestion? Do it, you will look even better because of all the background shapes and colors.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg
hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

The check-in process was fast and effective. The staff was very friendly and we were properly instructed about the hotel’s facilities, restaurant times, etc.
The excitement had been building up since I knew I was gonna stay here. Mainly for 3 reasons.
Reason number 1: is there anybody that does not like to stay at nice hotels and sleeping in HOTEL beds?
Reason number 2: the view from my room, located at the last floor, is just magic. I am a rooftop-photographing maniac!
Reason number 3: I had heard great things about the food at the restaurant so I was hungry and anxious way beyond in advance.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

Fast forward my child-like excitement of waiting for the elevator and getting up there (less than a minute, yes, I tend to dramatize sometimes), I enter through the doors and I instantly become happier.
The room was just perfectly sized not to feel trapped nor lonely.
The bed was divided into 2 small beds (I would have preferred a big bed to be honest) and the linen, pillows and covers were soft as the most delicate cotton you can possibly think of.
The view was breathtaking. Agree? I mean, seeing a city from above gives me a sort of freedom sensation and gratefulness. And contemplating Stockholm’s colorful rooftops is magic to me.
The bathroom and its white-framed black tiles, massive round mirror and the big shower felt like New York-y.
The vibe of the hotel in general makes you feel like you are not in Stockholm but at a metropolis. I mean, not like Stockholm is not cool, but we are years away from being as exciting and bustling as New York, Barcelona or Berlin, to name a few examples.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg
hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg
hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg
hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

The hotel creators and everybody involved at Hobo have hit the spot in bringing a new concept to Stockholm. And for that we should all be grateful.
By decorating the different hotel spaces that way, hiring service-minded staff that wears a uniform that seems like regular clothes (the guest feels more connected and welcomed this way) and running a restaurant focused on sustainability (one of the strongest trends in the dining scene) they are putting Hobo in the map as a hotel that is much more than that. One sort of feels at home here…

In terms of food and drinks, Hobo offers 2 bars (one on the level floor and one one the second floor, adjacent to the stage where small concerts, performances and private events take place), a café that is a also working space for local freelancers and a restaurant serving lunch and dinner.

The man behind the bar concept is Daniel Andersson, a tattooed dude whipping up fantastic cocktails and making you laugh while doing so. I actually met Daniel when we were both working at the Söder mecca “Marie Laveau Restaurant”.
The theme of the cocktail list is based on no b.s. combinations. Daniel has a style of being completely unpretentious and I dig that a lot. Plain and simple, yet masterful combinations with great balance.
Again, the ingredients are locally sourced and some of the herbs and spices come from the herb garden at the lobby.
They even produce their own beer “PangPang Nam-Nam” in collaboration with PangPang, a microbrewery in Hökarängen -southern outskirts of the city.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

The restaurant focuses its dishes on what the season has to offer in terms of produce and herbs from their lobby garden.
Vegetarian-based is a more accurate description of the spirit of the dinner, as they believe that less consumption of animal protein is much healthier for our planet. This I applaud.
It is a long shot in a town like Stockholm where the dining scene is rapidly growing, and it is definitely risky to base a hotel restaurant like Hobo’s in vegetables mainly.
The dishes are small and the idea is to share a few, even if you are alone when I dined for the first time here.
The cooking style is clearly and predominantly based in the New Nordic Kitchen with a few international influences.
To me, it feels like their interpretation of the dining scene of Copenhagen. Very tasty and well balanced dishes but interpreted safely and with no fuzz. That I appreciate.

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg
hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

Take these 2 for example: Beetroots with barley, blue cheese and rhubarb; and grilled gem lettuce with mini cucumber, creme fraiche, pomelo and chili powder.
They actually do not sound so exciting since the ingredients sound plain but the skilled and passionate kitchen team manage to deliver a worthy dining experience.
One of the things I liked the most was the warm country bread with homemade butter that sets the start of the dinner.

The overall impression of my “staycation” is definitely positive.
There were 2 things that I highly disliked.
First of all, on my second dinner we ordered 2 dishes each, meant to be spread out into 2 servings.
After a short time the waitress brought all 4 and said that the kitchen had decided to send them at the same time.
Wrong by 2 reasons, if that. If she did not specify this to the kitchen or if the kitchen decides to do so, it is definitely not something you say to your guests. Rookie mistake.
And then, when checking out, the girl helping us out was engaging in conversation with her colleagues while still checking us out. I actually had to speak up a bit to get her attention. Not acceptable.
Details like these are key to a thorough satisfying hotel experience, so I hope they take note on it and promptly improve.

Thank you very much to all the staff at Hobo Hotel for making me feel like home, I had a great time.
And to you guys, now that is summer, whether you live here or are just visiting, I suggest you to book at Hobo and experience a new concept in Stockholm.
You all have a great Sunday, let’s keep on traveling and eating!

hotel, hotell, travelblog, foodblog, Stockholn, Estocolmo, Brunkebergstorg

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