Welcome the spring at Deli Di Luca

The Italian restaurant Deli di Luca district has been open for a year, and has become a cozy gathering place for the whole family. The feeling is just like at an Italian piazza.

Deli Di Luca’s premises on Folkungagatan houses a restaurant, café, wine bar and deli shop with Zeta’s products. Accompanied by Italian tones in a tastefully decorated setting you can have breakfast, a snack with the kids, a glass of wine with a bite to eat, or dinner in a small or large company. This year they also have a new specially designed outdoor seating that can give you the right summer feeling.

Deli Di Luca food

At Deli Di Luca, the food is made with love and the menu follows the season. For this spring they have created a new, fresh menu with three new dishes.

Fabio Rubino

Fabio Rubino, chef at Deli Di Luca

“We love to cook and we do it for several hours. We try to use only season ingredients,” says Fabio Rubino, chef at Deli Di Luca, and continues:

“One of the new dishes, that’s great for the spring, is lamb with potatoes, onion and oregano. Or try a perfect risotto with asparagus and ricotta. We want to use more ricotta since it’s a common ingredient in Italian cooking. We also have a new kind of fish dish, with cod or hake depending on the day, we buy them day fresh. The fish is baked in an oven with a breading mixed with sun dried tomato, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pepper, lemon, and parsley.”

From spring, there will also be lunch from Monday to Friday for SEK 105. The lunch menu is available on the website, but can also be found on Deli Di Luca’s Facebook page. For the early risers there are also breakfast packages to buy from SEK 75. So don’t miss a visit to Deli Di Luca and enjoy their delicious spring menu.

Where: Folkungagatan 110
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