Spice up your life

Since the 90s is on again, remember Spice girls?

Caliente of the world
Spice up your life
Shake it to the right
If you know that you feel fine
Caliente to the front
Huh huh and go round

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Or make lemonade that makes life.
20160610_224339When you drink Caliente, its like a regular fresh juice. This is basic right? You think nervously, when suddenly,
giphyWhat just happend? Did I just drink an organic healthy juice that exploded? Did my eye sight get sharper?
In collaboration between Caliente and Viewstockholm, I got liquid lucky. And yeah, I had never heard about chili in something that tastes sweet and kind, like Swedish “saft”, and that also gives you the same feeling as when you take a tequila shot, except no alcohol. You get confused for 2 seconds and then you wonder what happend?
20160509_215549The one who came up with Chili infused Caliente, Thomas, was tired of the non alcoholic boring drinks. And as someone who doesn’t drink, I get it. It sucks to drink a coke when your friends are getting stimulants that make them happy and crazy. But when working in the Middle east, Thomas was at a party with spicy food and the idea hit him.good idea screen“Neither boring, nor filled with poison. Delicious, made from the best ingredients sourceable and hot enough to ensure a strong release of endorphins – creating happiness and clarity of mind.”
So he invented this organic explosion.20160709_162831Caliente(hot in Spanish) is an organic juice, and comes in either Lime and Ginger or Pomegrate and Cranberry flavor. Both of course with a nice chilli shock after a few seconds 😀
Last year (2015), Caliente won both World Beverage Innovation and Natural & Oraganic Awards, Scandinavia. Check out their Instagram and Facebook for pics and more info!  They also have a webshop with delivery, if you want to chili chill at your place.
“We’d love to hear what you have to say about Caliente. Whether it’s something good, something bad, or just a simple question about what our future flavor might be – don’t hesitate to contact us!” hello@drink-caliente.com
Caliente also asks for your opinion, do you have any flavour you would like to see? I mean Caliente are teaming up with a Michelin chef this summer, so they are serious about getting some fancy flavors out there 😀
I might wanna see Orange/Rasperry or Carrot/Ginger. Or Beet/ginger. It feels right with the time. So to sum it up, Caliente is good for your body, wallet and as the creator puts it like “After taking a sip of this little organic wonder your tongue probably die…”. A guess thats true, since everyone I meet either starts laughing or screaming.
Yeah, chili with juice is as far as I know it, a new concept and I hope to see more nitro drinks like this!
Ica, 7 eleven, Pressbyrån, Barista and Herrmans are already selling it, so why not try it?
I hope for a 100% fruit, smoothish flavor, like Froosh. Imagine that with Chili 😀

I really recommend to try this if you want to spice up your life. I mean, there is a reason Spice Girls sang it…


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