Sparrisfestivalen (Asparagus Festival) 2017 – the white gold

There is a lot of interest in asparagus, and this year ‘Sparrisfestivalen’ (Asparagus Festival) will be held for the seventeenth time. It’s an annual festival that is nationwide and happens individually at each of the participating restaurants.

In a few weeks high quality fresh white German asparagus will be served all around the country. Between May 5 and 27 you can enjoy the national Asparagus Festival, with fresh white asparagus from a cooperative in Bruchsal, a town located in Baden’s asparagus district in southern Germany.

“It’s the Rolls Royce of asparagus, which can not be produced in our latitudes. The asparagus is served with high quality German wines, from both large and small producers. Half of them come from VDP, the elite organization for German winemakers”, says Hansuno Krisch, who initiated the Asparagus Festival and adds:

Hansuno Krisch

Hansuno Krisch, the initiator of Sparrisfestivalen

“The Asparagus Festival always comes when restaurants have their busiest time. But the asparagus does not take that into account. When the heat comes it starts growing like mad, and the asparagus growers have many sleepless nights ahead of them.

From being a niche product in Sweden, the interest in asparagus is huge, and it’s no exaggeration to say that after 16 years we have developed an asparagus tradition. It gives the Swedish restaurant industry and also the consumers a welcome reminder that the long winter is over.”

If you want to improve your knowledge of German wines, you should visit, a comprehensive knowledge site about German wines in Swedish. You can also find travel tips and a useful glossary of technical terms in German with Swedish translation and contact addresses for the tourist offices in 13 different quality wine districts.

The Asparagus Festival’s website is the hub of the event. On the website you can read ‘everything’ about asparagus, including history, handling instructions, recipes and travel tips. And of course the most important thing of all – you can see which restaurants and greengrocer are included to the full extent, which means that they’re serving the Asparagus Festival’s asparagus, and at least one of the festival’s recommended wines.

Sparrisfestivalen - asparagus festival

Enjoy high quality fresh white German asparagus at Sparrisfestivalen

“It’s the condition for being seen on our site. The reason is that we want to guarantee the guest a quality experience from asparagus to wine”, says Hansuno.

“New restaurants will be added along the way, so don’t forget to look at the website now and then.”

Read more about ‘Sparrisfestivalen’ on

Photo: Anders E. Skånberg

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