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Color-coordinated clothe rails with colorful, hand-picked dresses, blouses and skirts. A flowered couch, a white bureau with jewelry and a board with the text ‘There is not a moment in the present that is not influenced by the past’. There are few stores that fit so well into the SoFo area on Södermalm as Smiley Vintage.

Among the customers visiting this vintage shop are strolling Sunday brunchers, tourists that has heard of the shop, and people to be married that look for a unique wedding dress. And of course the returning regulars.

“We give you something new and old at the same time”, says Sophie Lundqvist, shop manager.

Smiley Vintage clothes Stockholm

Smiley Vintage wants to be an environmentally conscious alternative to the clothing chains’ mass production.

Sophie has been interested in fashion for a long time, and has studied Fashion Marketing at Helsinki Design School and fashion science. In recent years she has become interested in vintage. Like many others, she believed that second-hand clothes belonged at masquerades. But since Smiley Vintage’s clothes are re-made, they become modern, and unique.

“And you can wear them at work”, Sophie laughs.

Zaki Khan and his wife Ananda started Smiley Vintage as a hobby. They turned old sunglasses into reading glasses. Eventually they began to remake clothes and had shops in the PUB galleria and the mall Mood. Now they are located on Södermannagatan.

Smiley Vintage Sophie Lundqvist

Sophie Lundqvist, shop manager at Smiley Vintage

We give you something new and old at the same time

– Sophie Lundqvist –

Smiley Vintage sees itself as an environmentally conscious alternative to the clothing chains’ mass production. Sometimes the remake is small – a few buttons are replaced, a zipper is fixed. And sometimes the change is much bigger, as when a defect dress becomes the lining fabric of a leather jacket or a long-sleeved blouse gets short sleeves. Whether you get a unique and personal garment, with a story. Many believe that vintage clothing has lower quality than new. But Smiley Vintage’s garments are of high quality and can be worn for many years.

Most of the vintage clothes comes from Japan and has no specified sizes. Therefore, Sophie advises customers to take the time to try once they are in the store. And if you’re shopping for someone else, she recommends buying a gift voucher. If you’re planning to get married you can book a private shopping. Then you and your bridesmaids get the shop for yourselves, before opening or after closing, and help with sizes and styling. It’s also possible to book a private shopping if you shop for yourself in peace. Then you should contact the store by email, phone or social media.

Smiley Vintage clothes Södermalm

Instead of having a fixed summer or autumn collection, Smiley Vintage is dynamic in terms of colors and fabrics. The shop is updated daily, which is appreciated by the regulars. And if the garment is not in your size, the staff find a similar model or color in the shop’s inventory.

“You’ll find something new every time you come”, says Sophie.

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