Smaka på Stockholm 2018 - one of the world’s largest food festivals

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  2. Smaka på Stockholm 2019 – one of the world’s largest food festivals

During June 5 to 10 2018, Kungsträdgården, the big park in central Stockholm, for the 27the time in a row will be a gastronomic meeting place for all interested in food and beverages. Smaka på Stockholm (‘Taste of Stockholm’), one of the world’s biggest food festivals and the largest recurring event in Sweden, is again visited by artists, chefs, food trucks, and restaurants.

Last updated: September 3, 2020

Each year more than 350,000 people visit the food festival and this year the event has a good chance to beat that number. With a festival in central Stockholm, a food interest that is greater than ever, and the concept to offer new and luxurious food at good prices, the organizers have a great chance to succeed.

This year you can enjoy today’s food as well as the food of the future that focus on taste, sustainability, and health. During the festival, for example, 38 different burgers are served, of which 17 don’t contain meat. Among the chefs who create dishes for the future are Mathias Dahlgren, Sayan Isaksson and Maximilian Lundin from The Plant – Sweden’s first truly organic and vegan fast-food restaurant.

Smaka på Stockholm 2018

Photo credit: © Peter Backman

A Foodie’s Paradise no matter your preferences

Whether you’re a meat-lover, vegetarian, vegan, or only eat salads — you’ll have no limit to options here! Food ranges from casual to fine — and each vendor is hand-picked for high-quality dishes. Choices seem endless among the food trucks: Vietnamese street food, Kobe burgers, vegetarian quesadillas, homemade Chinese dumplings. And well-praised restaurants are offering their fare at a fraction of their normal cost! Oh, and — did we mention wine tastings?

The vegetarians and vegans will be extra happy this year since more restaurants and food trucks offer a vegetarian or vegan option. Of the participants, almost 88% have a vegetarian dish and 25% of them serve vegan food. In other words, the green trend is strong! Some of the restaurants/food trucks you should look for if you’re a vego-lover are:

  • The Plant – run by Maximillian Lundin and is Sweden’s first truly organic and vegan fast food restaurant.
  • MALMØ – 100% vegetarian falafels.
  • – the awarded chef Sayan Isaksson with his vegan taco influenced from Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea, and good for your health.
  • Rutabaga – Mathias Dahlgren’s new vegetarian restaurant that takes the vegetable trend to new levels. Already awarded by the White Guide.
  • Indian Street Food & Co – winner of the best vegetarian dish in the Scandinavian Food Truck Championship 2017.
  • Vegan Schmegan – a food truck that serves healthy, tasty and vegan food.

Learn to cook in the exciting cook-alongs

You can also learn how to cook amazing green food yourself by participating in the vegetarian cook-alongs that will take place during the event. Besides vegetarian, there’ll also be other types of cook-alongs, and they all follow this year’s theme that is the food of the future. Why not learn to cook food without waste, a cook-along hosted by Sigrid Bárány.

Stockholm – a meeting point for global food experts

Smaka på Stockholm isn’t the only food-related event that takes place in the city during the week in June. Stockholm will be the global meeting point for experts, visionary organizations, and companies that want to make the world a better place through food, and all of the events cooperate with each other so you can meet as many of the participants as possible.

On June 7-8, there’ll be a big conference in Kulturhuset, called Sweden Foodtech Big Meet, that gathers visionaries from all over the world that talks about how the tech industry can change the food of the future. A part of the conference is Foodtech Village in Kungsträdgården, a group of educational exhibits demonstrating technological innovations in the food industry that result in better ways to grow and prepare food. Here you can discover everything from insect cultures and disposables made out of leaves to mini-greenhouses with self-cleaning aquariums.

Another event that takes place at Smaka på Stockholm is EAT Stockholm Food Forum (June 11-12), the United Nations’ World Food Program. 16 supreme chefs from New Zeeland, India, Egypt, Peru, and more are joining them, and they will perform chef duels on the biggest stage as a platform for deeper conversations about the world’s food supply. One of the participants in the discussions is Gunhild Stordalen from EAT Forum.

An environmentally conscious and eco-labeled event

Smaka på Stockholm is an eco-label event. The festival promotes sustainable food, and all participating businesses are encouraged to leave a footprint as small as possible. And minimizing the food waste is important as well since nearly half of all food waste in Stockholm comes from restaurants and catering kitchens. Therefore, the participating restaurants sort out the food waste in Kungsträdgården and as a result, they contribute to a better environment.

Smaka på Stockholm food festival

Photo credit: © Peter Backman

Vouchers for food and drinks

You can pick up your vouchers in the VIP bar in the pavilion next to the big stage (‘Stora scenen’). The vouchers can be used as payment for food and drinks in all the participating restaurants and food trucks in Kungsträdgården during the entire event.

Food and entertainment in delightful combination

It’s not only food and drink that are on the menu, but also a number of artists who entertain from the stage during the six days. Some of the highlights are the soul band Blacknuss that performs on June 5, and the iconic Swedish bands Noice (June 7, reunion) and Lustans Lakejer (June 10). And if you’re a jazz fan you will definitely not be disappointed since several jazz bands will be on stage.

Whether you are a culinary maniac or a novice that likes good food – do not miss the chance to enjoy superb dining and drinks, ask questions, and closely watch how some of the best chefs are working. And do not forget to visit the festival hungry!

Best of all? Entry tickets to Smaka på Stockholm are Free!

Photo credit: © Peter Backman

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