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When you visit Slottshemmet, an interior design shop in Old Town in Stockholm, you may want to take the long way from the subway. You then walk past Kornhamnstorg before you make turn a turn to the square Järntorget to find Österlånggatan. A bit before the famous statue of Saint George and the Dragon, not far from the Royal Palace, you’ve reached your destination.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Among the cobblestones, you’ll find an interior design shop with the heart and sense for details. The environment is basically unchanged since the beginning of the 18th century, and if you manage to get a premise here, you hold on to it. So it felt like winning the lottery when Cecilia Ekstrand and Ingrid Relling, two friends with dreams of starting their own business, found a vacant premise on Österlånggatan three years ago.

Slottshemmet wants to be a different kind of shop. A shop for everyone with an eye for the beautiful.

Outside the shop, you’re greeted by a frog in a birdcage. Yes, you read correctly. Outside one of the store’s windows, hangs a beautiful green ceramic frog with a crown on the head in a white cage.

Ingrid tells us that the frog was one of the first things they hung up when they started their business and it’s not for sale. His name is ‘Grodis’ (‘Froggy’), and he’s the protector of the store and also Old Town’s most photographed frog. ‘Grodis’ has become a bit of a celebrity and every day he’s photographed by people passing by. Many are also enticed to visit the store to ask if the frog is for sale. Ingrid and Cecilia have sold similar frogs in the store, but for the moment there is only white ones left. ‘Grodis’ himself seems to be comfortable and doesn’t want to live anywhere else.

Outside on Österlånggatan, many tourists pass by. But the idea isn’t that the shop’s typical customer should be a tourist. There are plenty of souvenir shops in the Old Town – Slottshemmet wants to be a different kind of shop. A shop for everyone with an eye for the beautiful, not only tourists.

Slottshemmet Stockholm

Cecilia Ekstrand and Ingrid Relling, the owners of Slotthemmet

“It was hard to come up with the perfect name. We thought about it for a long time, and finally, we thought about the connection and closeness to the Royal Palace and the surroundings in Old Town. Slottshemmet (‘The Castle Home’) became the perfect result,” says Cecilia.

And you can tell that much in the store would look just as good in your home as it would in a palace’s halls. In the shop, you’ll find beautiful carafes as well as artistic little sculptures and sheepskin from the brand SinneMinne. But you’ll also find stylish lightweight down jackets from Scandinavian Explorer, which have become real top sellers since they were recently added to the shop.

The requirement for a product to get into our store is that we could decorate our own homes with it

– Cecilia Ekstrand –

“It’s wonderful,” says Cecilia. “Having a top seller like this provides us the security we’ve been fighting for. Starting a store from scratch is hard, but now we finally feel that customers find us and also return. There’s not a day without the visitors expressing their delight for all the beautiful things.”

When asked if there’s anything they sell most of, she tells us that, after all, everything is sold sooner or later. Some things take longer, and some are sold almost immediately. New products are almost always found at Formex at Stockholmsmässan, Scandinavia’s largest interior design fair. They love to walk around and botanize, says Cecilia.

“The requirement for a product to get into our store is that we could decorate our own homes with it.”

Slottshemmet Gamla stan

It’s hard to point out some particular favorite among all the products, but she has an extra warm feeling for the carafes. And at Slottshemmet many beautiful carafes and vases catch your attention. Another favorite is the metal wire trees, a piece of art sold on a commission that seems to have taken many hours of patience for the artist to put together. It’s a sculpture made by hand, and it consists of metal wires that have been twisted and bent until the artwork grew into a small, soothing tree to hang on the wall in your home. A popular variant is ‘Farfars Ek’ (Grandfather’s Oak).

Outside Slottshemmet, ‘Grodis’ is still waiting to be kissed by his princess. In the meantime, he continues to attract everyone with an extra eye for beautiful interior details.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Slottshemmet.

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