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- keep track of time in a Swedish elegant way
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An elegant wrist-watch may not give you more hours in the day. But it’ll be more fun to keep track of time. With Sjöö Sandström watches you also have genuine Swedish craftsmanship around your wrist.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

On Ringvägen on Södermalm in Stockholm, there’s a challenger for the Swiss watchmakers. Here, around ten watchmakers put together the hundreds of very little details a watch consists of and create an exclusive Swedish luxury.

“It’s important for us to carry on the Swedish watchmaking tradition,” says Kristofer Johansson, that nowadays owns and runs Sjöö Sandström together with CEO Felix Formark.

It’s important for Sjöö Sandström to carry on the Swedish watchmaking tradition

The price range for Sjöö Sandström watches is between SEK 11,000 and 150,000.

“We satisfy different needs, but we want our watches to be worn. Some want to change their watch every now and then, others have a watch throughout their lives, and they’re also often inherited.”

The watches are only made on order, and today they’re available in 9 markets and at 31 retailers in Sweden, from Luleå to Malmö.

Even though the market for wristwatches generally is going down, Sjöö Sandström has managed to keep up and even increase sales.

“We’re careful with the craftsmanship, and we’re proud that we’re located and craft our watches here in Sweden with Scandinavian design,” says Kristofer Johansson, giving one of the reasons for the popularity of the watches.

Sjöö Sandström Stockholm

Kristofer Johansson and Felix Formark

Royal Steel Wordtimer, a classic sporty model that comes with four different dials, is one of the watches that has become a sales success. Royal Street Classic and UTC Extreme are other popular models crafted in the workshop in central Stockholm.

Sjöö Sandström uses ambassadors in their marketing. The Swedish hockey family Nylander, the father Michael and the sons Alexander and William are three of them; another is the alpine ski racer star Frida Hansdotter.

“We don’t see them as billboards, they’re our ambassadors, and they live up to it. They’re genuine and share the values we stand for,” says Kristofer Johansson.

The rapper Petter is another ambassador, and so is the Michelin chef Mats Vollmer.

“Vollmer stands for precision in the craft just as we do, and Petter is the entrepreneur who dares to go his own way, as we do,” he says.

We’re proud that we’re located and craft our watches here in Sweden with Scandinavian design

– Kristofer Johansson –

Sjöö Sandström Swedish craftmanship

One of the skilled watchmakers in action

Sjöö Sandström’s history began in 1986 when two engineers started their efforts to build a bridge between genuine craftsmanship and modern technology.

In 1993, they introduced Automatic, an elegant handmade watch that won the award Excellent Swedish Design in 1995. The real breakthrough came when Chronolink Worldtimer UTC was launched. It combined analog elegance with technological brilliance and classical Scandinavian aesthetics. In 2009 and 2010, the company won the award ‘Best Timepiece Manufacturer of the Year.’

Another success along the way has been Royal Capital, in pink gold limited to only 30 pieces in the world and the steel edition limited to 250 pieces, Swedish luxury in cooperation with the Swiss exclusive movement creator Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier.

Sjöö Sandström wristwatch

Royal Steel Classic

Right now, a launch of a new gold watch in 2018 is being planned.

“We’ve rewritten the Swedish timepiece map a couple of times, and we’ll continue to do that,” says Kristofer Johansson.

The aim for the future is to enter markets outside of the Scandinavian region. A watch from Switzerland is still the natural choice for many. But a Sjöö Sandström with their exclusive craftsmanship will change that.

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