See Ola Ericson’s photos at Kolla X Sthlm

Kolla X Sthlm is a love letter to our city. The collection of over 60 photographs by more than 30 local photographers shows another picture of the Stockholm we know and love.

On November 26, Kolla X Sthlm will fill the collection with 15 new photographs by Stockholm photographer Ola Ericson. The exhibition opens at 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm with a mingle and the opportunity to meet Ola and discuss his pictures.

Time: November 26, 17.30-19.30
Location: Kolla, Sergelgatan 10
Register here.

Photographer Ola Ericson on Kolla X Sthlm

Ola Ericson has always been his hometown faithful. With a dedication that few have, he has created a long line of iconic images of Stockholm. These images have touched and gained a special place in the hearts of many Stockholmers. Through his galleries, books, magazines, and social media, his photography has also earned an international audience.

Kolla X Sthlm photo exhibition

All motifs are available for sale in limited edition.

Kolla X Sthlm is run by photographers Jakob Granqvist and Cole Roberts and is a pop-up during October-December 2019 in collaboration with Fujifilm.

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