SAT.28.MAY -The weekend was lit asf!

It’s Saturday night, that’s where my weekend started this time on.

18:40 I just ordered a big  cup of white chocolate latte with a yummy cream on top…it’s a Saturday night I need extra caffeine  cos i prefer that over alcohol.  Yes I know I am liiive asf and people who don’t know me always think I am drunk no boo I don’t drink. I can take 1 glass of wine or champagne occasionally but that would be it.
I always been the sobber one but the most fun to party with.I guess I am just naturally drunk or high on life baby.

I just had a long day so many things to fix both on the professional and personal life.I am a little bit stressed out but what’s better to kill the stress than a Karaoke night with my friends.

 20:00 Oh shit my makeup is smudging , these juicy lips aren’t juicy no more (Gurllll, ain’t nobody got time for dry lips huh huhhhh!!!)

I grab my lipkit, my powder and my mascara. from my purse it’s  a little beautiful  mess  inside there  (Just like my life)
I am not feeling like  wearing a lot of makeup anymore.
 I am starting getting comfortable with a minimum  makeup .
I do some retouch on my tired face and just like magic I feel like a new woman.
Yaaaasss bishhh I feel good!

20:30 My girl is here, I sat in that coffee shop for 20 min already  waiting for her, looking at the people’s fashion and mentally judging each one for  their poor taste in style . It’s project Runway in my mind and I am Heidi Klum loll don’t we all do that sometimes.

22:00The caffeine is kicking in, we get at the Celezte club in the old city ( Gamla Stan in stockholm )… the line is long.
I hate queuing. I am always on the list yasss  i get impatient when I hear music inside. It’s like l am missing out.
The lights, the better fashion, the music,  friends. Iam excited I can’t stop smiling.

 22: 30
I don’t know how I ended up on stage but I am killing it with this gorgeous girl, we chose to do “Formation” by Beyoncé. The crowd is going crazy. I am done and ready to sign autographs and take pictures with fans cos at this point  I feel like Beyoncé herself.
The night is On baby!!!! These DJ’s are giving all they have. So cool how the female DJ’s in stockholm are taking over these days. They just give you exactly what you need. They are lit.

2:40 I  am dancing like I am  gonna get paid at this point… The music is fire and I am burning.
Guys trynna get my number  but baby I came for the music and the vibe not for the boys.
I just wanna  get away from trouble and boys  are trouble. (Sigh)

3:30 I am on the train on my way home waking  drunk people up , cracking jokes with them so they don’t  miss their station. Call me a good samaritain lool no I am actually bored cos my phone battery is dead, gone , rip.
Back home, I make my oat meal, take a nice and warm shower…. get that coco butter on my skin and  sleep like a baby.
I made my day consistent.
I made shit happen and created my own moments of happiness  and got away from myself a little.
That’s what life is all about.

Having Good times and  creating memories.

Thank you readers.

Until next time.

/ nella neth

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