Vassa Eggen has been named one of Stockholm’s best restaurants – both in terms of food and service. Right in the heart of Stockholm, near Stureplan, this popular restaurant is more than happy to offer their guests special themed events such as the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a saint day and folk festival all over the world, especially in Dublin. In order to celebrate this day and the Irish culture, Vassa Eggen has decided offer Irish entrecôte. From the 15th of March 2017, you will find Irish entrecôte on the menu.

Niklas Odin Vassa Eggen

Head chef Niklas Odin

“We’ve hung and tenderized the meat at the supplier for 90 days, this is two more months than we usually do it here on Vassa Eggen”, says chef Niklas Odin and adds:

“The meat gets a unique taste because of tenderizing. The fact that the animal is grass fed gives a deeper flavor. We put 100 kg in the tenderizing fridge, when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

In order words you should have some of the meat before it’s completely gone. Since the meat has such deep flavor it will be served in all its simplicity, with only a few side dishes.

“The meat comes with a red wine sauce, béarnaise sauce, chipotle butter and a few other side dishes that you can choose from. The price of the main course is SEK 425 per person”, says Ida Schinkler, PR manager at Vassa Eggen.

Besides the meat, that’s served from March 15, there’ll be a party in the bar on March 17 and 18 where the Irish beer brand Guinness will be there and invite you to the great atmosphere.

“In addition to the usual drink menu, there will be two special cocktails, and the decorations will be inspired by Ireland, a lot of green and four-leaf clover”, says Ida Schinkler.

The first temporary drink that will be served in the bar on March 17 and 18 is called St. James Gate sour. It contains Guinness, Guinness syrup, Buffalo Trace bourbon, and lemon. The second drink has the funny name No Snakes in Ireland, and contains Jägermeister, Havana Club 7, lemon, honey topped with Guinness. And if you’re interested, the sommelier Jon Oscarsson will help you pair food and drinks. It’s not the first time that Vassa Eggen throw a party with a themed event.

Vassa Eggen restaurant

“We often have different celebrations and tributes where we put extra weight on food or details”, says Ida and gives some examples:

“Some events we have worked with before are Mardi Gras, October fest, Autumn Lamb and our own Meat School. These events have been very appreciated among our guests.”

Just in time for Easter Vassa Eggen will turn into an American crab/seafood schack, where you’ll be able to eat seafood in a nice and unpretentious way. So make sure you sign up for Vassa Eggen’s newsletter so you won’t miss any of their great events. To get more information and book a table, visit Vassa Eggen’s website, Facebook or Instagram.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Vassa Eggen.

Photo: Anders E. Skånberg