Rusty Rose

- a lovely mix of bohemian chic and modern design

Rusty Rose is a lifestyle store in the heart of SoFo, the trendiest neighbourhood in Stockholm’s Södermalm district, which is known for its both its bohemian and laid-back atmosphere and it’s tuned in people. Rusty Rose focuses on furniture, interior design, clothing, accessories and all the extras needed for the truly stylish life.

Owner Görel Eriksson handpicks everything in the store, creating a unique style that is represented throughout the entire shop. It’s hard to put a label on it, but bohemian chic with a modern twist comes close.

Rusty Rose interior design store

Rusty Rose focuses on furniture, interior design, clothing, and all the accessories needed for the truly stylish life.

Someone once said that Ruby Rose looks like you have entered a private living room – and the idea behind the store is not far from that; Görel wants to avoid traditional store shelves, so she instead focuses on putting items together with her own special flair so you get to see the whole picture – and often in ways you might not expect. The woman definitely knows what she is doing!

Rusty Rose Stockholm

When you visit the store you’ll find a plethora of carefully selected brands, most of which come from Sweden, although Görel scours Europe for the best of the best and is often contacted by suppliers eager to have their products featured in this gem of a shop. Görel is continually trying out new brands and stocks them in limited volume, something well-known to her loyal clientele. They know that what is there today may not be there tomorrow, so they make sure to stop by regularly.

Rusty Rose interior design shop

SoFo is a very multicultural neighbourhood scattered with stand-alone boutiques similar to Rusty Rose. There’s a sense of community and support amongst the shop purveyors, which makes a shopping trip to this part of Stockholm a truly exceptional experience. If you can’t find the time, try the web shop – although we do recommend a good wander around Sofo, one of our favourite areas of the city.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Rusty Rose.

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