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– enjoy smoked seafood and sea views in the archipelago

Take a 25-minute ferry ride from Strandvägen, Slussen, or Nacka Strand, and you’ll arrive at Stockholm’s nearest archipelago island Fjäderholmarna. During the high season, the boats depart once every half hour. Here you’ll find Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna, the archipelago restaurant which specializes in smoking.

Last updated: March 5, 2021

The menu changes with each season and is created by head chef John Kumeris together with the inspirer Roland Persson, who was awarded Chef of the Year award in 1990. The theme is seafood, with an emphasis on smoking, and you can enjoy a selection of cold-smoked and hot-smoked delicacies such as salmon and shrimp, as well as herring, bleak roe, fried herring, and dry-aged entrecote. When it’s in season, the restaurant also offers a classic Swedish crayfish party with traditional side dishes.

To go to Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna isn’t just a restaurant visit; it’s an entire experience.

“Our most popular dish is the smoked salmon and the smoked shrimp. The traditional Christmas buffet is also a highlight, and we work a lot with smoked food here as well. We also invest a lot in desserts. Among other things, we have invited a dessert master from the embassy in Washington who gave a guest performance in the kitchen,” says Patrik Tuomisto, Operations Manager for Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna.

“All dishes are homemade. Nothing is a semi-finished product – our chefs work with the genuine craft and really know their stuff from scratch.”

Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna

So how does smoking work? Initially, smoking was an old preservation method, but today it’s mainly used for flavor. The process begins with soaking a mixture of alder and juniper chips one day before the smoking starts. The fish is prepared with a layer of salt and sugar for flavor and durability.

In cold smoking, a temperature of 10–27 degrees is used for 1–8 days, while hot smoking has a temperature of 65 degrees for a shorter period of 2–4 hours. The process gives the taste of burned wood, and the fish will end up with different flavors depending on the kind of wood you use.

Eating Christmas dinner out here is a unique experience

– Patrik Tuomisto –

To go to Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna isn’t just a restaurant visit; it’s an entire experience. Hopping on the boat, feeling the sea breeze, and looking out over the beautiful archipelago environment is an adventure in itself. In the summers, younger people and families come here to swim, enjoy a drink, and relax on the outdoor terrace. Imagine an archipelago paradise with freshly caught fish on the plate, a cold glass of wine in your hand, and views of the sea. Then you don’t need to travel abroad.

The restaurant also has a brunch concept in the summers, where the setting is more casual and a cafe where you can buy from the counter or have take away.

Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna Christmas buffet Stockholm

Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna serves a delicious Christmas buffet

Christmas is also a busy season for Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna. They offer a traditional and homemade Christmas buffet from the end of November to the day before Christmas Eve.

“It’s a bit different to go to the archipelago. You get off the boat, are greeted by bales and fires, and there are fresh sea air, mulled wine, and gingerbread. And you have an unbeatable view of the archipelago. Eating Christmas dinner here is a unique experience,” says Patrik.

Please note that Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna is a seasonal restaurant that is open from April to October and during Christmas. Those who are looking to book business meetings or use parts of the premises can rent online. You can also book the entire restaurant for a private Christmas buffet.

Summer or winter – everyone is welcome. Come here and enjoy the delights of the sea and smoke as much as you want!

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