Röda Villan

– a classic archipelago oasis on Fjäderholmarna only 20 minutes from Stockholm
Fjäderholmarna is often called the Stockholm archipelago’s nearest islands because it only takes about 20 minutes by boat from Nybrokajen to get here. In the island’s best location, with a view of Stockholm’s inlet, you’ll find Röda Villan.
Last updated: September 2, 2021
Röda Villan (‘The Red House’) is a picturesque archipelago house with a restaurant, café, and a lush garden where you’ll find a grill, bar, and boules courts. It’s the perfect place to visit when you get cravings for the Stockholm archipelago, or you just want to hang out with your loved ones.

Since the end of the 17th century, people have stopped at Fjäderholmarna to eat and drink on their way in and out of Stockholm. Röda Villan was built in the late 1890s, and the house has served as both a restaurant and a private residence. Since 2016, Röda Villan is run by Lisen and Daniel Karlström, who also run Boule & Berså at Danvikstull.

Röda Villan is a picturesque archipelago house with a restaurant, café, and a lush garden full of activities.
“Our vision is to create an oasis where everyone can feel at home. Here, both tourists and Stockholmers can socialize casually – have a bite to eat, enjoy a drink, and play boules,” says Lisen.

The house itself, with its charming glass veranda, isn’t that big. Indoors there is a café section with about 30 seats and a glazed veranda that you can book for parties and weddings. Röda Villan is above all a real summer place, and it’s outdoors in the lush garden that most guests stay.

The boules courts, located in the middle of the island, offer activities for all ages, and in the arbors, there are seating furniture and hammocks scattered in smaller groups. There’s also a little beach and a veranda where you can sit and eat while admiring the sunset from the front row seat.

Röda Villan Fjäderholmarna
For the children, who usually don’t appreciate sitting still as much as adults, there is a football game, slides, and a sandpit.

“I think everyone can enjoy themselves here. You can spend an entire day on the island or come here for dinner in the evening if you wish.”

And there are many reasons to take an afternoon or evening trip to Röda Villan. On summer evenings, they arrange music and barbecue evenings. In the middle of the garden, there is an Ofyr grill where a barbecue buffet is served while the band plays music. The website will be updated with upcoming events.

Our vision is to create an oasis where everyone can feel at home. Here, both tourists and Stockholmers can socialize casually.

– Lisen Karlström –

Besides grilled food, there’s a mix of both Swedish and international dishes on the menu. The favorite is the Swedish classic: Three Swedish flavours with Skagen mixture on rye bread, Västerbotten pie, and crisp bread with salmon mixture. Of course, you can get snaps with your meal. Moose meatballs are also an excessively popular dish, especially among tourists.

“Even if people come here more for the archipelago experience and the cozy hangout than the food itself, they are often positively surprised. We keep it simple, but there’s really something for everyone, even vegan food,” says Lisen.

If you want to spend a full day at Fjäderholmarna, there’s much to see and discover on the island.

“Here you truly get a feeling of the archipelago in mini format. There are several restaurants, a chocolate factory, a brewery, lovely bathing cliffs, a small forest area, and cozy little craft shops.”

Röda Villan Fjäderholmarna boule
Röda Villan is open during the summer, from the beginning of May to the end of September. The exact dates are connected to the boat timetable. Of course, it’s also possible to get here with your own boat and dock in the guest harbor.

Whether you are looking for a cozy and relaxing activity for the company, a beautiful place for a wedding or baptism, a full day or just a few hours of archipelago hang out, Fjäderholmarna and Röda Villan are a perfect destination. It’s easy to get here, but it’s important to be aware of the boat traffic. There are no accommodation options on the island.

“It has, of course, happened that guests had such a nice time that they missed the last boat back to Stockholm, and then we’ve been able to solve it with our own boat. But we usually remind them if we notice that someone is delayed,” says Lisen.

Sponsored article in collaboration with Röda Villan.

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Röda Villan
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