Robin Delselius Bageri, a new favorite in Stockholm’s fika scene

Good evening friends! This week I visited the newly opened Robin Delselius Bageri (bakery in Swedish), located in Södermalm. Based on comments I heard and read, and as soon as I set foot on it I immediately declared it a favorite in our beloved Stockholm’s growing and ever-evolving fika scene.
One of the best fikas I’ve had this year. Big words, right? Well, join me on this post and I’ll tell you all about it.

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I stated on my first Instagram post that the bakery’s decoration felt to me somehow as a mix of an old and traditional bakery and the modern looks of Scandinavian design. Bright enough lights, hanging lamps, round and patterned stools, a long bar alongside the windows with cute props and candles all over and the bread and pastries display as center and reason to be of the place, shinning freshly baked and with that particular smell that one could fall in love with…
bageri, bakery, fika, matblogg, matbloggare, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, foodblogger
The food menu is pretty straight forward, offering sandwiches, breakfast packages, a wide selection of pastries, salads, a daily soup and coffee and hot and cold beverages.
Typical café food, but they differentiate from others by shinning with every single food they produce and put out to the customers.
The bread is absolutely fantastic, I mean, it’s a bit tough to describe bread, but the ones I have tried (levain and croissant) were both on point. The levain it’s a perfect example of a sourdough bread, fluffy and delicate with that semi hard crust that when it’s toasted and complimented with vegetables or cheese, it is one of the most simple yet delicious sandwiches one could dream of.
The croissant is probably one of the best I have ever tried. I tried it on my first visit and as soon as I saw it I knew I was gonna have a “foodgasm”. Damn! Buttery, crusty, crumbly and perfect!

Just a few hours ago, on my second visit and this time with a friend (yay! it means I can eat more), we tried an open faced sandwich with a cheese crust, roasted veggies and chèvre (95 sek); the daily soup (a Manhattan clam chowder, 125 sek); the very Swedish and seasonal saffron bun (33 sek) and cappuccinos (35 sek each).

As eating the sandwich I thought to myself how can something apparently so simple as a piece of bread with vegetables and cheese be so damn tasty! Literally, every single bite was delicious, specially the ones with the cheese crust and chèvre, an explosion of flavor that I am craving now while writing. I have said it before, the produce here in Scandinavia is outstanding, the vegetables are cleaner and packed with their own natural flavors, it’s like they taste much more of what they are, if that makes sense.

bageri, bakery, fika, matblogg, matbloggare, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, foodblogger
The soup was also a very pleasant experience. A rich seafood broth delicately combined with onions, carrots, root celery, tomatoes and topped off with fried kale and aioli from the service station (as you can see on the photo). Also, when you go and this is also a tip that you may already know, but bread bits in soup are so good. They soak up all the flavor of the soup and taste even better, you can even say it’s a good way of soggy-ness, haha.
bageri, bakery, fika, matblogg, matbloggare, Stockholm, Södermalm, foodblog, foodblogger
The cappuccinos this time were much better. The milk was steamed to the right temperature and the espresso shots were quite powerful. Kudos to that.
The saffron bun was crazy good, doughy and humid, it tasted the way it should taste but made my master bakers, so you can imagine the result. Those sugar crystals on top and with the glaze is the best of the bun, so save it for your last bites. Trust me, they will taste like glory.

The staff is friendly and helpful, which is always a plus and something I like to point out.
Oh yeah, the music that they play here is so relaxing and sentimental, I love it! I really didn’t want to leave and that playlist is one of the reasons. So if you guys (staff from the bakery) are reading me please let me know.

Thank you very much for a super fika experience, I will definitely come back asap.
You all have a great Sunday evening, and don’t forget to fika.
Every day, all day long, fika fika fika…
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