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Stockholm-based Ripa Eyewear offers sunglasses that both protect from strong sunrays and enhance your personality. The quality of the sunglasses guarantees that you can use them for many years.

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Ripa Eyewear was launched in the spring of 2019 in Stockholm by Oliver Svanström and Robert Inde. It all started with a friend having a visual defect and wearing a pair of custom made sunglasses. The problem was that the sunglasses weren’t that classy.

“That’s where our idea was born. The industry was focusing a lot on design in all possible forms. But there was very little focus on the lenses. We wanted to create sunglasses with stylish and classy design and excellent lenses, says Robert Inde, CEO of Ripa Eyewear.

Ripa Eyewear’s sunglasses are handmade with high quality, optimal functions, and timeless design.

Oliver Svanström and Robert Inde went to Italy and came in contact with a small family business that produced handmade glasses. Together they created the best materials and outlined the design.

“For us, the quality of the lenses was a part of the frame’s design. We began with how we can improve the feeling of wearing sunglasses in different environments,” says Robert Inde.

All Ripa Eyewear’s sunglasses are polarizing, anti-reflective, and have a Crizal surface treatment that protects against scratches and dirt and is dust, mist, and water repellent. Also, they protect against UV radiation and reduce glare.

Ripa Eyewear

When it comes to style, Ripa Eyewear sunglasses are classy and have a timeless, classic look. At the end of the earpiece is the golden grouse (‘ripa’ in Swedish) that characterizes the company. The name comes from the bird species grouse, medium-sized hen birds that live in cold climates in the northern hemisphere.

“The name Ripa was natural for us when we designed the sunglasses. Ripa is a beautiful bird that thrives in the Swedish climate and consists of three species. Our first collection consists of three models – Ripa, Fjällripa, and Dalripa,” says Oliver Svanström.

We wanted to create sunglasses with stylish and classy design and excellent lenses

– Robert Inde, CEO –

Ripa is an amber turtle patterned classic. The lense has a brown/green tone, which gives a contrast-enhancing effect.

With its shiny shade of gray marble, Fjällripa is a sporty frame that is perfect in both the ski slope and the sailboat. The lense provides extra protection against strong reflections from snow and water.

Dalripa is a matte black elegant wayfarer. The light weight and slightly gray-green color tone make them incredibly comfortable to wear. They are perfect for driving.

Ripa Eyewear Stockholm

The sunglasses come in a nice high gloss wooden box in brown with a foldable case in black, white, or brown. The case consists of processed paper board with a cover of vegan leather while the inside of the case is covered with velvet. The case is adorned with the bird grouse, and on the inside is the company’s logo stamped in gold.

“Our products are priced in a premium segment as we have chosen to focus a lot on the quality of the glasses. We will continue to expand our collection and offer more colors.”

Primarily, they sell the sunglasses in Ripa’s online store, but you can also find Ripa Eyewear at carefully selected retailers around Sweden.

“We also offer sunglasses with ground glass. We collaborate with some Synsam stores where our customers can grind their sunglasses or switch to regular glass.”

Ripa Eyewear has also opened a new physical store in Kungsholmen in Stockholm. It’s located a stone’s throw from Norr Mälarstrand’s promenade and shares space with the electric scooter company Eltra.

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