Bbq Ribs for Brunch at Hammarby Sjöstad

Good evening my dear friends, I hope you all are still enjoying the last minutes of this beautiful Sunday.
It has actually been a great day off -at least one a week I deserve, right?-, I have spent it, besides brunching like a maniac, in bed, just watching random stuff at YouTube and doing pretty much nothing, haha. What a great feeling!

So today your favorite blogger visited Texas Longhorn Restaurant in Hammarby Sjöstad, where I live. I went with my crazy brother, also a devoted baby back bbq ribs lover, to start off our day with lots of deep, fatty, porky flavors and one or twenty beers…
We were just high on life this morning, so we figured that there is no better way than, after a night out, recharge energies with grilled fatty foods. And we absolutely love ribs! The pleasure of eating with your hands, getting all messy and greasy, biting on the corn on the cob, bacon and sausages here and there and washing it all down with beers and soda. It may sound a bit grotesque, but hey, don’t you enjoy it too?

For those of you that do not know about this restaurant chain, it is basically grilled meats and southern U.S.A. spiced foods such as corn on the cob, beans, coleslaw, chili con carne and you get the picture. This type of food is meant to comfort your soul and make you full beyond belief -according to my previous experiences here and back when I used to live in the States. You are supposed to eat many types of grilled meats that are usually fatty (thus preventing the drying out process when grilled), as many sides as possible and beers. Wow!

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Fatty meal at our beautiful neighborhood

This time was no exception, and trust me, even though we are not big dudes, we can eat a lot, specially on Sundays, haha. My brother chose the ribs (165 sek), served with half of corn, coleslaw and fries or baked potato. I chose the mixed brunch plate (155 sek), consisting of bacon, a few ribs, chorizo, half of corn, scrambled eggs, coleslaw and a baked tomato.

brunch, ribs, beers, Stockholm, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling

The mixed brunch plate, a bit of everything

I guess that sometimes you do not expect much from the food from chain restaurants, and that is actually a good thing before you start eating and specially if you love and worship food as I particularly do. With what I say I, by no means, think that the food wasn’t good. It was, it really was, but it’s not a meal that I will remember. I guess you could even say that is satisfying, but not impressive, even though we were licking our fingers by the end of the meal.
The ribs were not juicy as they should be. I honestly don’t know what happened because ribs are so fatty that they normally remain juicy after the grilling process.
The fries were not crispy as they MUST be. Don’t you enjoy the magic simplicity of eating hot, crispy and salty fries? Well, I do, and when my fries are not crispy, I get disappointed no matter what.
The other sides were good, the buttery corn, specially, is always a pleasure to eat.
As I said, this type of food is to comfort yourself. In that case, the restaurant delivers, and that’s enough sometimes. We were hungry and craving for ribs, period!

I would suggest to the kitchen team to check the rib grilling process. It will make a huge difference if they actually manage to serve their guests the juiciest ribs.

brunch, ribs, beers, Stockholm, matblogg, foodblog, foodstyling

Ribs and beers, I don’t need no more…

I wanna spare a few words to a super cool girl and fantastic waitress that took great care of us today, Louise. With her shiny and warmest smile she made us feel like home, joking with us -very unusual in Swedish people that tend to be really reserved with strangers-, explaining the menu and just making us happy throughout the entire meal. Stockholm restaurant scene needs more service staff like her. Louise, you rock girl, keep it up!

Thanks to my friends at Texas Longhorn Restaurant in Hammarby Sjöstad for a good meal.
And to you guys, whether you choose to visit them or not, I encourage you to visit this area. It’s so beautiful, calm and relaxing.
You can walk along the boardwalk-y path that goes along the water canal. We are located just 15 minutes from the city centre and it is definitely worth taking a detour here. You will find great restaurants, cafés for your daily fika, hair salons, sport areas and beautiful views.

I wish you all a great Sunday evening and the best beginning of the week tomorrow.
Let’s keep eating out, traveling and blogging.

Love and vibes,


P.s. What restaurants would you guys like me to visit? Or please recommend a good one for me. Tack.




  1. Anja Nilsson

    Looks tasty! I think I mist go there sometime as well 😀

    • Danyel Campos

      Absolutely! Like I said, it’s good food and Hammarby Sjöstad is beautiful to walk around and enjoy these beautiful spring days.
      Ha det bra 🙂


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