Located in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla Stan), Café Kladdkakan is a classic Swedish café popular with both locals and tourists. The cosy room is filled with plenty of comfortable seating – and even has a delightful little nook where you might want to park yourself for the afternoon. The atmosphere can only be described as warm, friendly, and welcoming, which the staff contributes to greatly.

Whether you’re bringing a big appetite or simply want a sweet pick-me-up before continuing to explore the quaint streets of Old Town, the café will address your needs.

Let’s start with the drinks menu: if tea is your bag you’re going to be spoiled for choice. Everything from the traditional Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea to what some call the best Chai in the city is on offer here. When it comes to coffee Kladdkakan takes the Italian route, serving up the perfect latte or espresso, along with more traditional coffee drinks. There is also an excellent selection of warm drinks, such as the delicious warm chocolate. Freshly squeezed juices, as well as bottled, sit along a small selection of alcohol beverages.

Café Kladdkakan drinkOnce your thirst is sated ViewStockholm recommends you try a pastry or cake, such as the namesake Kladdkaka, which is basically a chocolate mud pie and comes in its traditional form or a Daim chocolate variety. While we can easily recommend the kladdkaka, we’d also like to point you to the raspberry cheesecake, which is smooth, rich, and bursting with flavour. If you’ve got the kids with you, the oversized chocolate balls, rolled in either coconut or pearl sugar, are the perfect choice. Did we mention the café serves homemade scones? Maybe try those when you return.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, there are hot and cold sandwiches, classic Swedish pancakes served with jam and whipped cream, and an excellent variety of hälsotallrik – the health plate – which is exactly as it sounds: a substantial plate of fresh veg, topped with your choice of protein. Vegetarian options are available, as are a good selection of salads.

Café Kladdkakan hälsotallrikYou’ll find Café Kladdkakan just a few minute’s walk from the Gamla Stan tunnelbana station, so even if you’re not exploring all the delights Old Town has to offer ViewStockholm highly recommends making the time to visit. You’ll experience one of the city’s best cafés and you’ll do in an environment that perfectly illustrates what understated Swedish charm is all about.

What: Café & Restaurant
Where: Stockholm, in the heart of Old Town
Features: Decadent pastries & cakes; excellent health plate; top-notch coffees & teas
Don’t miss: Homemade scones, raspberry cheesecake, the healthplate
Guests: Wonderful mix of both locals & tourists
Price level: Very reasonable

Website: cafekladdkakan.com