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Are you looking for good restaurants in Södermalm in Stockholm? Then you have a vast selection to choose from. Here you’ll find most world’s cuisines and places in different price ranges – from fast food to fine dining. Whether you’re craving a delicious burger or a high-class tasting menu, there’s a restaurant in Södermalm for you.
Last updated: September 20, 2023
The Stockholm district Södermalm, often shortened to just Söder is known for its culture, many bars, cafes, and restaurants, and its lovely atmosphere (plus sourdough, hipsters, and the football team Hammarby, many would argue). So, it’s no wonder that Södermalm often takes the top position when both Stockholmers and tourists rank their favorite areas in Stockholm.
Restauranger Södermalm
Södermalm offers you plenty of good options if you’re hungry for a good meal
And if you want to find a fine restaurant, you’ve come to heaven. Whether you’re a picky connoisseur who prefers luxury restaurants or just want some good fast food on the go, you can find an excellent restaurant that suits you. Many of the world’s cuisines are also represented here – tapas, sushi, burgers à la USA, Neapolitan pizzas, ramen, and everything else you might be craving. Of course, there’s also much to choose from if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

Find the right restaurant in Södermalm

From Slussen to Skanstull, from Hornstull to Vita Bergen – here are plenty of gems for those who love good food and drink. To help you find your favorite in the restaurant selection in this lovely area, we’ve created a guide with Södermalm’s best restaurants and thus also Stockholm’s best restaurants. Have a nice meal!




La Perla

La Perla means The Pearl in Italian, and that’s exactly what you get – a true pearl in Södermalm. This Italian restaurant in Stockholm, which you’ll find near Medborgarplatsen, just behind Söderhallarna in the Fatburen house, is run by the well-known Swedish couple Emilio and Åsa Ingrosso. They have taken their restaurant concept from Mallorca to Stockholm and created another success.

Here you’re served dishes that have a special place in the heart of their family and can best be described as Italian fusion. Many of the dishes have roots in Emilio’s childhood. The menu includes antipasto, pasta, pizza, ravioli, risotto, and meat dishes, plus several tasty desserts.

In addition to excellent Italian food, the restaurant also has stylish and modern decor. Cozy and homely with a living room feeling. La Perla is popular, so a tip is to book a table well in advance. If you’re a larger party of 6-8 people, you can book the slightly nicer Superiore table, and there’s also a Chambre Separée (minimum 14 people). The dress code is well-dressed. To the delight of many dog owners, La Perla is also a dog-friendly restaurant (at least if you have a smaller dog).

Södermalmsallén 36


Barrels - restaurant in Södermalm

Hungry for a burger? Barrels in Södermalm is the place to be!

Fancy one of Södermalm’s absolute best burgers for lunch or dinner? Then you should head to the pleasant Bysistorget, located in the middle of Hornsgatan. Here you’ll find Barrels, one of Stockholm’s greatest hamburger restaurants (they also have places in Old Town and the city center) that have won awards for their food. You’re served homemade burgers of the highest quality made from only the best ingredients, and with the food you can enjoy a cold craft beer from the large selection.

The menu includes tasty burgers for everyone (including vegetarian options) and also the burger of the month – a temporary visiting culinary creation that’s replaced each month. You match the hamburger with something from the extensive list of sides. Eat on-site in a friendly environment with top-class service or buy takeaway. Then you could enjoy your burger at any of the beautiful Södermalm spots nearby. Skinnarviksberget, Mariatorget, Ivar Los park, and Monteliusvägen with its fantastic view of Riddarfjärden (Lake Mälaren) are just a few examples.

Bysistorget 4



Elie's - libanesisk restaurang Södermalm
Come to Florentine and go on a culinary journey

If you’re in the mood for a great Neapolitan pizza or handmade pasta in Södermalm, head to Florentine at Medborgarplatsen. There you’ll enter an elegant setting straight out of a glamorous Italian movie classic from the 70s. This modern and exclusive trattoria is inspired by the Italian disco culture, and the atmosphere is always at its best. Embark on a culinary journey where you’ll feel that a piece of Italy’s soul has moved to Södermalm. More is more sums it up, and the founders of the successful Basta restaurants are behind the concept.

In the kitchen, tradition meets modern cooking techniques, and the menu offers well-prepared Italian classics focusing on ingredients and craftsmanship. How about delicious Neapolitan fine pizzas with fresh toppings and dough that has been fermented for 72 hours? Maybe a tasty pasta dish like Bomba Rigatoni, Linguine Gamberi, or Holy Carbonara? Or one of the delicious main courses with meat or fish? The perfect ending is Florentine’s unique version of tiramisu. In short, there’s something for everyone, and the restaurant is just as good for a three-course family dinner as it is for a relaxed bar hangout with friends.

The spacious 500 square meter venue has room for 200+ guests and has an elegant interior created by international award-winning designers. Handmade Murano chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and historic hand-carved marble statues line the walls. In addition, the Florentine boasts a beautiful marble floor, a theatrical open kitchen, and a plethora of hand-picked furnishings. At the forefront is a grand 360-degree cocktail bar where you can sip homemade drinks from the impressive menu or spontaneously dance to music from DJs.

Folkungagatan 44




Elie's - libanesisk restaurang Södermalm
Elie’s serves delicious Lebenese meze in a welcoming environment

Do you like Lebanese food? Then the Lebanese restaurant Elie’s on Katarina Bangata will be your new favorite place in Södermalm. In the cozy and intimate room with stylish décor and a friendly and homely atmosphere, you and your party can enjoy authentic Lebanese food at its best. This family-run place has been around for over 25 years and knows how to deliver a first-class dining experience with a great vibe and delicious food from a thousand-year food culture.

Elie’s à la carte menu is dominated by meze, both cold and hot small dishes (many vegan), but there are also several main courses if that’s your preference. And, of course, tasty desserts to finish your meal in the best way. Tabbouli, fattoush, mousaka, labne bel toum, rakakat, shish barak, and baklawa are just some of the Lebanese delights. Choose your favorites or try them all. With your meal, you can enjoy a glass of local Lebanese wine from the Bekaa Valley or any other tasty beverage.

Katarina Bangata 71


The restaurant Pelikan in Södermalm, Stockholm
Eat, meet, and greet at this true classic Stockholm restaurant

Pelikan is one of Stockholm’s most traditional restaurants and here you’ll get a restaurant experience like in the good old days. It dates back to the 17th century and has moved around the city over the years, but since 1904 it’s been located on Blekingegatan. Here, a food-loving Södermalm audience flocks, and the restaurant describes itself as the heaven of traditional home cooked food.

So, if you’re looking for great restaurants in Södermalm that serve authentic Swedish home-cooked food, you’ve come to the right place. ‘Gubbröra’ (anchovy hash), ‘S.O.S’ (butter, cheese, and herring), meatballs with cream sauce, pork loin and turnip mash, potato dumplings, reindeer, and fried salted bacon are just some of the classic dishes on the menu. If you’re really hungry, you can also order a large ‘Grosshandlarmiddag’ (Wholesaler’s Dinner), prepared according to historical recipes. In addition, you can get aquavit with the food, which is not so common.

When you visit Pelikan, you get to experience a part of Stockholm’s restaurant history. The large beer hall has had a face-lift but has pretty much stayed the same since ancient times. Impressive ceiling height with beautiful ceiling paintings, dark wooden interior, a large mural, contemporary art, and traditional beer stalls that have been preserved – this place is easy to like. In addition to the beer hall, which is classified as a cultural heritage, there’s also a small dining room and a bar. Unique restaurant history, Swedish home cooking at its best, and a happy atmosphere – what more could you ask for?

Blekingegatan 40


In a corner in the middle of Götgatan, between Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull, you’ll find the Italian restaurant Invece. Here, you’re greeted by an environment that breathes Italian trattoria, and you can enjoy well-cooked food, good drinks, excellent service, and a wonderful atmosphere. Just like in Italy, in other words. The decor is stylish with brown leather sofas, green wood panels, and charming retro posters.

Invece serves lunch and dinner (plus brunch on weekends), and if you’re a fan of Italian food culture, it’s like coming home. The menus offer carefully selected charcuterie, handmade pasta, rustic meat and fish dishes, and fresh vegetarian food. All are well-prepared from scratch using quality seasonal ingredients. The matching wine list is of a high standard and offers a wide range of Italian wines, both classic and exclusive.

If you fancy a good drink, this gem also has a lovely cocktail bar with a New York vibe. Here, you can sip on a Bellini or Limoncello Spritz before dinner or spend an entire evening or after work. In the summer, there’s also a cozy outdoor terrace where you can watch Södermalm’s bustling crowds while enjoying good food and drink.

Götgatan 73

Il Tempo

Il Tempo - restaurant in Södermalm
Enjoy delicious Italian food in a New York inspired environment

If you love Italian food and looking for one of the best restaurants in Södermalm, you’ll definitely dig Il Tempo. You’ll find this classic on Stockholm’s restaurant scene at the corner of Högbergsgatan and Repslagargatan, a stone’s throw from lively Götgatan. Ever since the early 1990s, Stockholmers and visiting tourists have enjoyed high-class Italian dishes and wines in a wonderful metropolitan environment. The inspiration comes from Little Italy in New York.

The extensive menu – described as an urban-gastronomic interpretation of Italian cuisine – has something for everyone. Enjoy meat, fish, homemade pasta, and pizzas based on a pizza dough recipe from the essence of Naples (the fact that they’re baked in an old-fashioned wood-fired oven in the middle of the dining room makes things even better). Whatever you choose, you’ll be treated to a magnificent Italian food adventure. The wine list at Il Tempo is also impressive – not to mention the fancy decor with, among other things, art deco wallpapers designed in 1930.

Högbergsgatan 40



Holly Bush

On the lively street Götgatan, midway between Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull, you’ll find the pleasant Holly Bush. At this restaurant and bar, it’s easy to feel comfortable, and they serve good food and drinks at affordable prices in a friendly environment with personal service. You can have lunch or dinner that can continue throughout the evening as they are open late.

The menu includes classic dishes for those who like hearty food and large portions. Some examples are Toast Skagen, Bruschetta, burgers, beef steak on a plank, homemade meatballs, fish & chips, filet Oscar, and Carbonara. In summer, don’t miss the sunny outdoor terrace.

Götgatan 82


Woodstockholm can be found at Södermalm’s heights, more specifically the square Mosebacke Torg. It’s a neighborhood restaurant and eatery where the focus is on creating exciting tastes and meetings. Here everyone feels welcome, and you can enjoy good food and drink in a beautiful and guest-friendly environment. The menu is constantly changing with the season and availability of raw ingredients. All food is prepared from scratch with a focus on what nature has to offer and is locally and sustainably produced. As a bonus, it’s a delight to the eye. Vegetarian food is a natural part of the menu, so Woodstockholm is a hot tip if you’re on the lookout for a great vegetarian restaurant in Södermalm.

The same high-quality requirements are applied to the drinks. The drinks menu has a large selection of quality wines from smaller producers, and the non-alcoholic range is constantly growing. In addition to excellent food and drink, the interior is an essential part of the restaurant’s soul and guest experience. Tables, chairs, lamps, and artistic installations – everything is carefully thought out. The guests sit close to each other, and the room is filled with shared long tables and bar seats. Cozy and genuine – so stop by Woodstockholm the next time you’re in Södermalm.

Mosebacke Torg 9


Södermalm holds the Italian cuisine high, and O’Pizzicato is another fantastic Italian restaurant in the district. Since 2004, this family-owned restaurant has served well-cooked Italian food in a wonderful atmosphere. Today, it’s a favorite among many Södermalm residents (plus food-loving people from the rest of Stockholm and occasional visitors). Bring your family, friends, or colleagues and enjoy a delicious dinner.

O’Pizzicato’s recipe for a successful restaurant experience is made of three parts: the food, the atmosphere, and the wine. The food is prepared with passion and love from the highest quality ingredients. On the menu, you’ll find classic Italian dishes such as Osso Buco, Porchetta, and Risotto. Other guest favorites are tender meat dishes, fresh pasta, and good charcuteries. The venue offers a relaxed and personal environment with pleasant background music guaranteed to get you in a good mood. The impressive wine list has a wide selection (more than 100 different Italian red wines) that perfectly match the menu’s various dishes.

Swedenborgsgatan 23

Nytorget 6

Nytorget 6, Södermalm
Great food and fantastic vibe – Nytorget 6 welcomes everyone

As the name reveals, Nytorget 6 is located by the popular square Nytorget in the area SoFo in Södermalm. Here you can eat well and have a good time from morning to late evening. Have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch on the weekends – whatever you’re in the mood for, this happy neighborhood restaurant delivers a lovely experience with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The generous opening hours mean that many people continue their evening here when other restaurants have closed (and are happy to grab something from the night menu).

The extensive menu at Nytorget 6 can be described as ‘inclusive gastronomy’ and offers everything from simple small dishes such as oysters, patatas bravas, bleak roe tacos, and calamari to main courses such as grilled tuna, lamb, schnitzel, and meatballs. End your meal with a good cheese and charcuterie tray or a tasty dessert. The large selection of drinks includes sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, rosé wines, beer, and non-alcoholic alternatives. And above all, fantastic cocktails mixed by skilled bartenders. In the cozy room, restaurant people, hipsters, Södermalm celebrities, and everybody who wants good food and a good time hang out.

Nytorget 6


Has it been too long since you traveled to Athens, Santorini, or Crete? Then you can ease your longing by booking a table at cozy Esperia, a Greek restaurant in Södermalm. Here, they’ve put a lot of effort into finding the unique Greek atmosphere that mixes old and new. Something they combine with an excellent service. And the fact that both Södermalm residents and other Stockholmers appreciate their efforts is clear – this is a place where guests come back. Often.

Among other things, you can notice the successful concept of mixing old and new in the menu, which offers favorites from the classic Greek cuisine but with a modern touch. Here you’ll find given dishes such as souvlaki, tzatziki, moussaka, saganaki, and Greek salad, but also more unusual options. If you want a little of everything, you can go for a mixed plate with Greek delicacies, coffee, and a chocolate truffle. The wine list includes red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

Sankt Paulsgatan 17
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Enjoy delicious food at Södermalm’s best restaurants

There you have our list of Södermalm’s best restaurants. We hope you find a place that suits you, whether you’re too tired to cook on a Monday night, have a date night with your partner, or have a grand celebration with your friends. Stockholm has a fantastic selection of good restaurants, and Södermalm houses several of the best ones.

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