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Are you looking for great restaurants in Djurgården in Stockholm? If so, there are plenty of gems to choose from. The Swedish capital’s green oasis and entertainment center offers not only lovely experiences, world-famous museums, and incredible nature but also a wide range of excellent places to eat – many of them with beautiful views of the water. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch in the sun or fine dining in a luxury restaurant, there’ll surely be a restaurant on Royal Djurgården to suit you.
Last updated: February 21, 2024

Djurgården, which is part of The Royal National City Park, is today Sweden’s – and Scandinavia’s – biggest tourist destination with around 15 million visitors per year. And it’s no surprise that the area is widely popular. Here you’ll find both a natural idyll and unforgettable experiences just a stone’s throw from the city center. Just hop on a tram, bus, or boat, and you’ll get here in no time.

Stockholmers and tourists from near and far gather on the royal island to take advantage of all the opportunities. The program includes everything from waterfront walks and thrilling rides at the amusement park Gröna Lund to visits to famous museums such as the Vasa Museum, The Viking Museum, Skansen, ABBA The Museum, and Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde. And, of course, restaurant experiences. Because here, you’ll find some of Stockholm’s top restaurants.

Find the right restaurant in Djurgården

From the moment you cross the Djurgården Bridge and all the way to Blockhusudden, you’ll find a wide range of fantastic restaurants and cafés where you can eat and drink. Everyone from picky connoisseurs to those who just want to be full and happy can get their fill. There are innovative Michelin-starred restaurants and historic inns, as well as cozy garden cafés and lively pubs.

But finding the right place isn’t always easy, and the green island has a lot of tourist traps among its gems. So to guide you through the wide range of restaurants next time you go out to eat, we’ve made a guide to Djurgården’s best restaurants. Whether you’re taking your partner on a cozy date, having Sunday dinner with the family, or enjoying a culinary evening with friends, you’ll find your favorite. Book a table and have a great time!


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In a wonderful location by the water at Biskopsudden, you’ll find Aira. The restaurant is run by the well-known chef Tommy Myllymäki, and since its opening in 2020 it has had a solid position among Stockholm’s top fine dining restaurants. Their ambitions are high in everything from the menu to interior design and service, and their efforts have paid off. After only one year, they received a Michelin star, and that they deserve their place in the restaurant bible is evident from the first bite. A visit here isn’t cheap, but you get a top-notch gastronomic experience.

Aira has done an excellent job blending the proximity of Djurgården’s beautiful nature and the surrounding water into its concept. It’s evident in both the visual appearance of the building and the exclusive menu. The menu focuses on Nordic ingredients and techniques, but the flavors come from all corners of the world. Sit down and enjoy a 10-course tasting menu – from snacks to desserts – with delicious meat, fish, seafood, and vegetarian dishes. Scallops, lobster, smoked arctic char, and charcoal-grilled lamb are just some of the delights. During lunch, there’s also a “pre-fix,” a slimmed-down version of the four-course tasting menu. A first-class wine list and other good drinks complement the food.

The cozy and minimalist environment offers large skylights and water views in the dining room. And the open kitchen, where you can study the chefs’ craftsmanship, adds to the atmosphere. Upstairs there is also a Chambre séparée with a rooftop terrace for private parties or events.

Biskopsvägen 9

Villa Godthem

Villa Godthem Djurgården
Villa Godthem’s outdoor seating is the perfect place to hang out on a sunny summer day

A unique Swiss-style villa from the late 19th century where you can enjoy classic Swedish gastronomy. Does that sound like your thing? Then Villa Godthem is a hot tip. This historic villa, once a private residence, is one of the true veterans of the Stockholm restaurant scene. And definitely one of Djurgården’s best restaurants. Since 1897, food-loving Stockholmers and visitors have enjoyed traditional Swedish dishes with a modern touch in the beautiful and cozy dining room. You’ll find a mixed bag of guests at the tables – from business lunches to dates – and it’s easy to get comfortable in the historical setting.

The menu includes classics like Toast Skagen, Pelle Janzon, and Biff Rydberg. And not least the restaurant’s signature dish, beef steak on a plank (“plankstek”), which was invented here. The food is prepared from quality ingredients, and the kitchen constantly strives to develop and refine the dishes to perfection. Enjoy lunch, dinner, or why not afternoon tea? And during the warmer months of the year, you should sit in the lovely garden with comfortable lounge furniture and a nice view of the Djurgården Canal. Perfect for a break with a light lunch, a glass of sparkling wine, or a cup of coffee with a pastry. And at Christmas time, don’t miss their classic Swedish – and very popular – Christmas buffet.

Rosendalsvägen 9

Blå Porten

Just as charming and popular all year round at Blå Porten

Blå Porten is a culinary Djurgården classic that’s been around for a long time. Since 1916, diverse guests, including art lovers, actors, culture workers, and tourists, have visited this vibrant restaurant and café for coffee or lunch. Have a seat in the historic 20th-century setting or the lush garden during the summer – a unique Italian-inspired oasis that few garden cafés in Stockholm can match. The location next to Liljevalchs also makes Blå Porten a perfect place to chat after a visit to the art gallery. And it’s great if you’re looking for a nice break while walking around Djurgården.

You can have both lunch and dinner, and the menu includes rustic food with southern European influences plus classic Swedish home cooking. Lamb patties, poached salmon, tomato salad with lentils, meatballs, and beef brisket with horseradish cream are just a few examples. If you’re in the mood for coffee, you can look forward to a rich coffee table filled with homemade cakes and other pastries. And if you want a culinary experience with a green theme, visit Blå Porten’s vegetarian restaurant Blå+, located in Liljevalch’s extension. You can also rent the magnificent garden for an event, wedding, or party.

Djurgårdsvägen 64



Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

The restaurant at Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde
Have lunch at one of Sweden’s most famous and popular art museums

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde, once the home of the Swedish Prince Eugen (1865-1947), is one of Sweden’s most famous and popular art museums with a magnificent waterfront location in Djurgården. But the museum boasts not only an extensive and varied range of exhibitions and programs but also an excellent restaurant. The restaurant is called Prinsens Kök, and here you can enjoy good food, drinks, and pastries.

The menu, which has a Swedish and Scandinavian touch, includes fresh and delicious dishes such as fried pickled herring, fried cod, or roasted beets if you prefer something vegetarian. Take a seat in the beautiful and bright dining room and enjoy your meal. In addition to Prinsens Kök, Café Ektorpet is located in Waldemarsudde’s park with a large outdoor terrace overlooking the water. It offers waffles, several lunch dishes, sandwiches, and pastries and has full rights. After the meal, visiting the museum’s magnificent park and garden is recommended.

Please note that the restaurant at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde has the same opening hours as the museum. Therefore it’s best suited for lunch or an early dinner.

Prins Eugens väg 6

Café Monika Ahlberg

Thielska Galleriet
Café Monika Ahlberg is located in the grand Thielska Galleriet – Photo: © Arild Vågen/Wikimedia

Monika Ahlberg is a well-known food creator, one of Sweden’s most widely read cookbook authors, and former manager of the Rosendal Garden Café. She now runs the café at Thielska Galleriet, the magnificent art museum and surrounding sculpture park on Blockhusudden. In a stunning setting, you can eat well or have a coffee after viewing the museum’s unique collection of works by many famous artists. But this oasis for foodies is well worth a visit whether you’re an art lover or not (and a perfect stop during your walk).

Café Monika Ahlberg serves lunch with both a fixed menu and a varying menu with several dishes of the day – soup of the day, special of the day, and salad of the day. All dishes are also served in children’s portions if you visit the café with the family. There are also several sandwiches and wraps with tasty fillings. For those who want to have a coffee, there are many different kinds of homemade pastries, and you can also have a glass of wine or a beer. A tip is the lovely picnic bags that can be ordered for pick-up. Perfect for a cozy picnic in the sun with your loved ones.

Sjötullsbacken 8

Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh

Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh
Wärdshuset Ulla Winbladh is a classic Stockholm restaurant – Photo: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia
Are you looking for high-class Swedish home cooking in a historic setting dating back to 1897? Then the grand old inn Ulla Winbladh, located a short walk from Djurgården Bridge, is the obvious choice. In the true spirit of an inn, this well-known restaurant in Djurgården is committed to tradition and personalized service. They call themselves a “concept restaurant for everyone.” Sitting in one of the fine dining rooms should feel like coming home, and everyone is welcome. Among the tables, you’ll find everything from royalties and Djurgården strollers to tourists and families with children. And also some furry guests – both dogs and the Royal Stables’ horses like it here (although the latter stays on the outdoor terrace).

The kitchen focuses on genuine food craftsmanship and serves both lunch and dinner. On the menu, you’ll find homemade favorites that follow the seasons, including meatballs with cream sauce, Bellman’s fried herring, fish stew, and Biff Rydberg. Everything prepared from the finest ingredients. During the year, they also set the tables for various holidays such as Easter, Father’s and Mother’s Day, Midsummer, crayfish premiere, Mårten Gås, and Christmas celebrations. And those organizing weddings, events, or parties can book several lovely party rooms.

The fact that the restaurant year after year receives the restaurant award Bib Gourmand (more times than any other Swedish restaurant) is proof that this is a top-class culinary experience. What about the name Ulla Winbladh, then? Well, it’s taken from the muse of the national poet Carl Michael Bellman.

Rosendalsvägen 8

Rosendals Trädgårdscafé

Rosendals Trädgårdscafé
The lovely outdoor seating in Rosendal’s garden – Photo: © Holger Ellgaard/Wikimedia

If you want to combine delicious food with a cozy experience in the greenery, you should visit Rosendals Trädgårdscafé (Garden Café). The café is housed in a greenhouse and is part of the activities around Rosendal, where the main feature is the garden itself. In this area, the soil has been nurtured by gardeners for three centuries, and today there’s a biodynamic garden center with cultivation in both greenhouses and fields. So you’re offered an outstanding nature experience, to say the least.

The garden café is next to a fantastic park with magnificent flower beds, old apple trees (the oldest was planted in 1862!), and beautiful gravel paths. Here you and your party can sit on the outdoor seating and admire the garden art while having a good lunch or coffee. The menu includes well-prepared dishes, sandwiches made with homemade bread, and delicious pastries. Everything is cooked from scratch with quality local ingredients based on season, preferably from their own gardens. Rosendals Trädgårdscafé also offers a farm shop, plant stand, and wood oven bakery with Stockholm’s largest wood-fired stone oven. And if you bring your family, the kids don’t want to miss the popular playground.

Rosendalsterrassen 12



Skroten Café & Skeppshandel

In a marine and rustic environment at Nya Djurgårdsvarvet, right next to Beckholmen, you will find Skroten Café & Skeppshandel. Here you’re offered a restaurant experience out of the ordinary among buoys, lanterns, and tar-scented ropes. The business started as the country’s first boat scrap, was eventually supplemented with a shipyard, and after a few more years joined by a restaurant section. At the restaurant, you can sit down and enjoy a delicious meal or just a glass of wine in the company of good friends. And the fact that this restaurant in Djurgården is close to the archipelago is evident in everything from the food to the decor. It smells and tastes like the sea.

Skroten Café & Skeppshandel serves lunch with both the dish of the day (meat, fish, and vegetarian) and a set menu with everything from fish soup and shrimp sandwiches to croque monsieur and American pancakes. The evening menu includes small dishes and main courses such as burgers, pizza, and moules frites. Plus several delicious desserts to finish off. The food is complemented by a solid drink menu with wine, beer, champagne, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant also offers catering, and you can rent the venue for weddings, parties, conferences, or events.

Beckholmvägen 14


Tyrol - restaurant Djurgården
Love food? Love entertainment? Then Tyrol is the place to be – Photo: © Gröna Lund

If dinner shows are your thing, you’ll love Tyrol. It’s a classic Stockholm restaurant dating back to the 1930s and the main restaurant for Gröna Lund. With its unbeatable mix of good food, festive atmosphere, and top-notch entertainment, you will surely have a great evening. And a better way to end your visit to the amusement park is hard to imagine. Tyrol is one of Stockholm’s most fabulous party venues, and things happen here all year round with shows, concerts, corporate events, conferences, and Christmas parties.

Many famous stars, both Swedish and international, have performed on the Tyrol stage over the years. One of the most famous shows is the blockbuster Mamma Mia! The Party. For a few years, it transformed the restaurant into a Greek taverna where guests could experience unforgettable dinner entertainment with ABBA’s songs, a Mediterranean-style menu, and a great party.

Lilla Allmänna Gränd 2
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Have a delicious meal at Djurgården’s top restaurants

There you have our guide to the best restaurants in Royal Djurgården. We hope you find an eatery that suits you, whether you want someone else to cook on a Wednesday night, want to take your partner out on a romantic date, or have a lovely Sunday dinner with family or friends. Stockholm has a fantastic range of great food and drink, and Djurgården’s restaurants will not disappoint you.

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