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- your second living room in Old Town
Gray stained wood paneling, a bar of wood piles, and chandeliers of reindeer horn over the four tables. It’s not hard to understand why many think of Restaurang Brinken as a second living room.

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“Where the bar section is now, was actually Slingerbulten’s old garbage room,” says Isabella and laughs. For five years she worked at the restaurant Slingerbulten next door, before she and Peter took over as restaurant managers at Brinken in the fall of 2016. The reason they already has regulars is because they work every day to create a familiar atmosphere.
Brinken is a small restaurant with 22 seats. On the Swedish traditional seasonal menu you will find meat, fish and vegetarian.
Two years ago they started to refurbish Slingerbulten’s old warehouse to a restaurant. At that time Brinken was a bar that served sandwiches – a concept that was going to change.

Today, Brinken is a full-scale restaurant with 22 seats. Smaller parties are placed on real chairs in the bar, and in the summer you can also sit at a table on the sidewalk outside, just like in southern Europe. On the Swedish traditional seasonal menu you will find meat, fish and vegetarian. The food is served as side dishes, where two dishes is equal to one portion. You get to choose yourself how to combine dishes like salmon tartar with mustard dressing and 63-degree egg, sherry marinated duck fillet with pickled prunes and pumpkin purée, braised pork belly with pickled red onion and sweet potato purée, or Farmhouse pâté with red onion marmalade.

Restaurang Brinken food
One dish that Brinken is almost the only restaurant serving in Stockholm is potato dumplings (called ‘kroppkakor’ in Swedish). Behind the potato dumplings is a time-consuming, genuine craft. Brinken’s potato dumplings are vegetarian and served with lingonberry and clarified butter. You can then round off the evening with a sweet dessert, or a cheese platter, and stay and talk in the quiet environment.

Since the restaurant is small, it’s not possible to fry in the open kitchen. But being limited to one oven and one sous vie has made the cooking more creative instead. And more interesting to look at:

“From the bar you get a perfect view of the cooking process,” says Isabella, who is responsible for the food.

Peter’s expert area is drinks – coffee and beer. Instead of recommending a wine to the dishes, Brinken has chosen to combine them with beer. And to challenge the typical pilsner and lager you see everywhere, Peter chooses Swedish beer from local microbreweries. Some of them so small that the guests haven’t heard about them.

From the bar you get a perfect view of the cooking process
Restaurang Brinken Stockholm
For those who want to know more about beer or coffee, Brinken arranges tastings in combination with food, dessert, cheese, or canapés. You can book the entire restaurant for a private tasting, work dinner or bachelor/bachelorette party. Or invite your friends to celebrate New Year or your birthday here. Let Brinken become your second living room for the evening and feel at home.
Sponsored article in collaboration with Restaurang Brinken.

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