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Riding a bike is one of the best absolute best ways to experience Stockholm. And if you want to rent a bicycle in Stockholm, there are plenty of alternatives. You have everything from The City of Stockholm’s affordable electric rental bikes, Stockholm eBikes, to private bike rental shops that can offer everything from children’s bikes and mountain bikes to bike trailers and child bike seats. In other words, you have every opportunity for your cycling adventure in our beautiful city (don’t forget the helmet!).
Last updated: April 26, 2023

Renting a bike in Stockholm gives you endless travel opportunities

Travel across Södermalm. Pedal through the streets of Östermalm and continue towards the Royal Palace and Skeppsbron in Old Town. Roll in Djurgården and enjoy the greenery and nature. Or discover Stockholm’s beautiful surroundings outside the city, filled with golden gems well worth a visit. Everything from picnic-friendly parks and great restaurants to well-known sights and lovely stores. You can quickly and easily travel from the hectic city pulse to the tranquil nature – and back again. In addition, you can explore the fantastic Stockholm archipelago by bike.

Rent a bike in Stockholm

Discover Stockholm on a rental bike

In short: renting a bicycle in Stockholm is an unbeatable way to get around the city. You can go pretty much anywhere – much smoother than a car and much faster than walking (although a pleasant walk should never be underestimated). Perfect for both bike excursions on the weekend and commuting by bike to work.

The number of cyclists in Stockholm is only growing, and that’s no surprise. It has become a very bicycle-friendly city in recent years, and the bicycle network today consists of as many as 114 km of cycle paths and cycle lanes. Many go along the water, which gives an extra dimension to the bike ride. Why not aim for a beach and take a nice swim?




Stockholm eBikes

Stockholm eBikes
Explore the city with Stockholm eBikes
Stockholm eBikes is The City of Stockholm’s rental bicycle system, and it started in May 2022. These are electric rental bikes that are perfect if you want to cycle in Stockholm in a simple, pleasant, and comfortable way. The system has about 100 bike stations around the city where you can pick up your rental bike and then return it to any station. It couldn’t be smoother. And hardly cheaper either – an annual card costs only SEK 157!

All you need to discover Stockholm on wheels with a loan bike is Stockholm eBike’s app and a selected price plan. Price plans are available from 24 hours to an annual pass, and the pass is activated when you unlock the bike using the app (see further information below). Then just start riding your bike. The bikes are specially built and robust, electrically powered, and can reach a speed of 25 km per hour. They can also handle 100 hours per charge, have seven gears, a foot brake, and a small basket at the front.

With the electric rental bikes, the city wants to make it easy to travel sustainably and healthily. And the rental bicycle system, which is being expanded gradually, will be one of the absolute best in Europe, both in terms of the number of bicycles and price. There’ll be about 300 stations and 5,000 bicycles when the system is fully developed. In addition, there’ll be 120 cargo bikes – perfect for those who want to bring small children or a lot of luggage on the bike ride. And you don’t have to be a Stockholm expert – with Stockholm eBike’s app, you can keep track of all stations.

How to rent and return an electric bike
  1. Download the app. Open it and register. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.
  2. Find your nearest rental bike station in the app.
  3. Unlock the bike with the app.
  4. Now all you have to do is go out and cycle. 90 minutes are included in each bike ride, and you can extend the trip for SEK 11 per hour. If you want to pause in the meantime, you can lock the bike with the app.
  5. End the rental period by parking the bike within a station’s marks and lock with the app.
Prices for renting a bike with Stockholm eBikes

24 hours — SEK 11 — No subscription is required, just unlock a city bike, and start bicycling.
7 days — SEK 26 — Pay in advance card that suits tourists on a weekly visit to Stockholm.
30 days — SEK 35 — Monthly card for flexible commuting.
180 days — SEK 105 — Season card.
400 days — SEK 157 — Annual card.

When you rent a bike with Stockholm eBikes, 90 minutes of cycling is included in all passes. The pass is activated when you unlock the bike. Those who want to cycle longer pay SEK 11 per extra hour. The maximum time per rental is 14 hours, and the number of bike rides is unlimited in all passes. A certain number of bikes can be booked in advance; you can find and book them via the app.

Rent Bike

Rent Bike is a bike rental service that’s available all over Sweden, and of course, also in Stockholm. It’s perfect if you want to rent a bike in Stockholm city or in western Stockholm (Bromma). The cyclists are offered a wide range: mountain bikes for those who want to ride in tougher terrain and off-road, electric bikes for those who want to cycle long distances and want extra help on the uphills, a classic women’s bike made for cycling in the city or the country, and different types of children’s bikes for the younger cyclists (20–26 inches).

For those who need extra luggage or have small children who can’t yet cycle themselves, there are also cargo bikes. In addition, you can rent child bike seats for the little ones.

You can easily book your rental bike online. Enter dates and search to see available bikes. Pay and then pick up the bike at Rent Bike’s drop-off point in Kungsholmen. There you also get help to set the saddle height and more. And, of course, locks and helmets are always included.

4 addresses (click to see)
Kungsbro strand 21, Kungsholmen
Torsgatan 12, Norrmalm/City
Flädermorsbacken 22, Bromma
Bogårdsvägen 45A, Sköndal


Are you eager to cycle on Djurgården? An excellent choice: this green and lush oasis offers hard-to-beat cycling environments full of lovely spots. Enjoy beautiful views or discover sights and attractions such as Skansen, Gröna Lund, ABBA The Museum, and Waldemarsudde. And when you want to rent a bike in Djurgården, Djurgårdsboden is a perfect alternative.

Here, you’re offered bicycle rental at a reasonable price, and you can either book in advance or just stop by. A helmet and map are included, and you can also rent child seats for the small passengers (limited number, so book in advance). You’ll find Djurgårdsboden’s shop below Cirkus, and here you can also buy sunglasses, caps, and fun souvenirs.

Djurgårdsslätten 45, Djurgården




Cykelstallet, which you’ll find in a central location in Kungsholmen, is first and foremost a reputable bicycle workshop with over 30 years of experience, but it also offers bicycle rental. The offer includes bikes for the whole family and, of course, the bicycles are always newly serviced, so you’re guaranteed to have a good experience.

Cykelstallet has many different models for those who want to rent a bike in Stockholm. In the offer, there’s something for all cyclists – both standard bikes, hybrid bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, and tandem bikes. And that’s not enough – you can also rent exercise bikes, bike trailers (for children or luggage), and bicycle bags. You can hardly be better equipped than that on your cycling adventure in Stockholm. Of course, helmets are always included in the bike rental price (you can also rent them separately).

Scheelegatan 15, Kungsholmen
Bike rental shops Stockholm

Gamla Stans Cykel

Gamla Stans Cykel is an old bicycle shop that has been selling and repairing bicycles for Stockholmers since 1913. This makes it Stockholm’s oldest bicycle shop. Over the years, the business has changed address a few times but has always been faithful to Old Town. Today it is family-owned and run by father and son, both dedicated cycling enthusiasts. The store focuses primarily on selling bicycles and accessories from quality brands such as Pilen, Skeppshult, Pelago, Brompton, and Hövding. They also have a bicycle repair shop where they service and repair most bicycle types.

In addition to selling and repairing bicycles, Gamla Stans Cykel also offers bike rental, more specifically three-speed lady’s bicycles with a basket. A tip is to book in time because the rental bikes are popular and sometimes rented out several days at a time. Lock and helmet are included. In addition, the owners are happy to be of service with their own tips on excursion destinations in Stockholm.

Lilla Nygatan 10, Old Town

Stockholm Cykel

Stockholm Cykel mainly offers guided tours by bike where you either participate in a bike tour with a guide or do it on your own. But for those of you who want to rent a bike in Stockholm, in Södermalm, they also have robust and comfortable trekking bikes – sporty bikes that are a mix between a mountain bike, racing bike, and city bike (sometimes they’re called hybrid bikes). There are also helmets, bicycle bags, and child seats for rent. Keep in mind that you need to contact Stockholm Cykel in advance to agree on a pick-up time. You then return the bike to the same place within 24 hours.
Brännkyrkagatan 76, Södermalm
Rental bicycle Stockholm
Enjoy the Stockholm nature on a bike – Photo: Yiwen/Unsplash


Jonna isn’t a regular bike rental but a bike leasing service that allows you to have a bike on subscription without a lock-in period. Perfect if you want your own bike that always works – without having to buy it. The monthly cost is always the same no matter how much you ride it. In addition, Jonna builds the bikes themselves to be as sustainable as possible.

You get a fully equipped bike with seven gears, a rear foot brake, a front disc brake, lights, lock, and basket. What more could you want? In addition, you get free service whenever you want, and should you, for example, get a puncture somewhere in the city, Jonna’s skilled repairers will fix it for you on-site. Plus, you get home delivery and insurance. Smooth! And should you, against all odds, lose interest in cycling or no longer need the bike, just return it.

Långholmsgatan 30, Södermalm (Stålhästen’s store)
Torsgatan 12, Norrtull/City
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Rent a bike and enjoy Stockholm

There you have our guide to bike rental shops if you want to rent a bike in Stockholm and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful cities on two wheels. Whether you want to pedal around the central parts or go for a wonderful cycling adventure in beautiful nature, we hope you find a bike rental company in Stockholm that suits you. Have a nice time when you explore the city with Stockholm’s rental bikes!

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