Reflective energy

Yesterday i turned 34. I have been bigger, stronger, wealthier, leaner, faster. But never more calm, at ease, at peace. Never more at home, or distanced from my prejudices.

I’ve been an atheist before i even knew that was possible or that the word even existed.
At 5 years old sitting cross legged on the school hall floor for morning assembly i’d look around baffled at everyone else singing away enthusiastically to the hymns while i just kept my lips pursed thinking ‘what’s the point?’.

29 years on having travelled the world, lived in 3 continents, met people from every walk of life and background possible my mind is open to finally believing in something. I am not about to confess i’ve been born again and have found a God of some sort, for me this is much deeper than that. I have found myself and have realised that there are ropes and levers in life that pull and guide us to where we need to be, and at the right times to teach us the lessons we need to learn to make us grow and better as human beings.

I trust myself to make the right decisions for myself and the people i love. I trust myself to do the right thing for other people and to treat everyone as i wish to be treated. Because there is a lot of negativity in the world some people will take this as weakness. Through their own insecurities they can only relate gentleness and kindness to being weak, and as such are usually not able to show humility, love or kindness in the forms they should be shown for fear of this being a sign of weakness.
If you watch animals in their natural habitats you will see it is the leaders of the packs / communities / families that are the calmest. They just sit quietly and watch everything around them, secure in the knowledge that if needed they can resolve any issue that arises.

It is better for the soul to be kind, and actions speak much louder than words.

In today’s society virtue signalling is a toxic energy polluting the media, both mainstream and social. It is a much better idea for yourself and for humanity to have people judge you on your behaviour rather than how loudly you ‘demonstrate’ how ‘good’ you are as a person.

Positivity attracts positivity.


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