Raw food dinner at Matapoteket

A few weeks ago I partnered up with Danyel to try some raw food at Matapoteket. Matapoteket is   located at Bondegatan 6 in Södermalm and serves organic raw food.

The café decor is cute and cozy with lots of plants, pillows and colors. The menu consists of small and big tapas, for example mini pizzas, falafel, soups, salads, and spring rolls. Everything is cooked raw food style of course.

We decided to try their mix plate with a selection from their menu, a beet root burger and an acai cake. The mix plate contained carrot falafel, a mini pizza, spring roll, “ocean stick” with tartar sauce and flax-seed crackers with hummus. The beet root burger was served with sesame bread, horseradish cream, pickled cucumber, tomato and wheat germs. To drink we tried their juices, one with carrot and one with beet root.


I haven’t eaten that much raw food in my life so I am no expert but this was really good! And it is very cute to look at, so petite and colorful!

The owner, Maria, is very nice and told us a little about their philosophy at Matapoteket. The goal with raw food is to maximize the nutrional value of the food. Therefore the food is not heated above 42 degrees, doesn’t contain any animalia, no sugar, wheat or diary products.


I somehow thought the acai cake was going to taste chocolate, fooled by the look of it I guess, so I was quite surprised of the taste 😉 But now I am really into acai, it has a very fresh, sweet and blackberry like taste.

If you are into raw food or just want to try something new I can strongly recommend a visit at Matapoteket! I will definitely be back 🙂 

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