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TacosIn collaboration with Quorn Sverige, I wanted to raise awareness for something that I hold very close to my heart. I’m talking about eating healthy for yourself, the environment and for the lives of so many animals out there that could be improved significantly by making better choices.

Living on a vegetarian diet was a big part of my life for five years while growing up. It all started when I was 13 after working on a school project about the fur and meat industry. It was such an eye opening experience for me that I decided I never wanted to eat meat again.

However, back then, they didn’t have the best or even that many alternatives for vegetarians and things like eating out became such a struggle for me. I only wish I had the options back then that we have today! So after years of struggling for my cause I decided to start eating meat again to make life easier for myself. However, I still eat vegetarian food the majority of the days in a week, all thanks to the incredible and delicious options we have today.

This isn’t a “shove it down your throat to become a vegetarian post” and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m an expert in this area, because I’m really not. I simply follow an ethical code and rely on my common sense. Such as “eating too much meat won’t be good for your health” or that it’s a no brainer choosing ecological and near produced when you do buy meat.

But what I do want is raise awareness of the benefits of cutting out just a couple of days of eating meat each week and exchange them for a vegetarian option. You’ll definitely feel a difference! For example, did you know that “Quorn Färs” lets out 85% less carbon dioxide than Swedish minced meat and contains 70% less fat? So it’s not only healthy but also good for the environment, because let’s be real, we only have one home and we’re not doing a great job looking after it.

So my advice for you today is to switch your normal minced meat for “Quorn Färs” for your taco dinner tonight, or like the swedes like to call it – “Fredagsmys”! And don’t forget the guacamole, my favourite recipe can be found HERE!


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