Quick weekday lunch at Barobao

Tjena mina kompisar, I hope the weekend has treated you better than it has treated me, haha.
I have been wanting to visit “Barobao” for so long, of which I had heard many great things of, but you know how Stockholm is nowadays, a true foodie paradise.
So this past Friday I decided to just go there and let them surprise me. And let me just say that it was one of the greatest surprises and most delicious flavors I have had in a while.

I arrived a bit past noon and the place was empty. If you ask me why I truly don’t know what to say. I think everyone should be eating there right now. I’m always honest about my food thoughts or opinions, not that I feel entitled to judge other chef’s works, but I do know “a bit” more than your typical foodie friend. So when I say a restaurant is really good, it’s because I genuinely think so. The food that I ate was so tasty…
A mix of intense and complex flavors playing wildly and complementing each other, UMAMI as the main distinctive -and differentiating- element of the meal. Food heaven…

Despite that for lunch they only offer a 4-item menu, including 2 baos (100 kr each): one with meat and one vegetarian (both served with sticky rice and a side salad); and 2 rice bowls (120 kr each): one with meat and one vegetarian also (both served with sticky rice, egg. kimchi, ssäm dressing, chili pickled cucumber, spring onions and a side salad); the food speaks for itself and its an assurance of a great dining experience in my opinion.

The restaurant offers their full menu for dinner, including a wider variety of baos, some medium-sized chicken and fish dishes and an egg dish that seems so tempting that I’m wishing to be eating it right now as I write this for you guys. You should know, eggs are my favorite ingredient in the entire universe, and a runny slightly warmed egg yolk is the most satisfying and delicious flavor ever known to mankind, for real!

The staff is very friendly and caring, the light-wooden décor is cool and cozy and gives the dining room this extra illuminated setting that makes me happy in a strange way (I can explain it, I’m still suffering because of the dark winter months, haha).

Hopefully I can come back really soon to explore the menu and delight myself with their amazing foods. Tack så mycket my friends, keep it up!

Great asian restaurant in Södermalm, Stockholm

Some serious “foodporn”…

Wheat beer at a cool restaurant in Södermalm

Lovely décor and great service are very important for me in a dining experience

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My lovely meal, total happiness

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Before I started devouring it…


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