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Despite the sign it’s easy to miss the graffiti painted door Kocksgatan. After ringing the doorbell you follow a game master through a basement aisle, to a room with a red velvet sofa and a purple curtain.

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The escape game comes from the computer game genre escape the room. You and your group are locked in a room by a game master. The rooms are based on a scenario with a mission to solve. The group has one hour to find hints, open padlocks, solve codes and puzzles to get out. The experience is spiced with actors, lighting and sound effects.

The escape game comes from the computer game genre escape the room, and you get locked in a room by a game master.

“What makes us unique is that we create expectations before you come in”, says partner Grigory, referring to the front door bell.

Questrooms was one of Sweden’s first escape rooms. The concept started in St. Petersburg and then spread to Europe. Linnéa and Grigory opened on Fridhemsplan in the end of 2014. Here are two rooms for 2-6 players. Escape from a prison cell in Prison Break. Or look for a missing person by developing images and checking out the negatives in The Haunted PhotoLab.

Questrooms Stockholm

What makes us unique is that we create expectations before you come in

– Grigory Koshmak –

Last year Questrooms opened two additional rooms on Södermalm. In Live Performance Horror Escape you are the victim of the scariest horror movie you’ve seen. Focus is more on the experience and the people in the room than on solving the problem. You play in a group of 3-5 people and the age limit is 16 years.

In the Russian Mafia Escape you travel in a group of maximum 5 people to Russia of the 1990s. There you solve the mystery of Mikhail’s disappearance and avoid being linked to the ruthless Russian mafia.

Escape rooms Questrooms Stockholm

Questrooms is perfect for a kick off or team building with your company. If you are more than twenty colleagues, ten of them can sit in the lounge and watch the other ten play through film cameras.

All rooms, except Horror Escape, can also be adapted for children from 9 years and up. Then a game leader dressed as a suitable character is in the room and helps the kids with puzzles, mazes and hidden objects. Otherwise, the age limit for playing is 14 years (with a responsible adult) except for Horror Escape. Playing with the family tends to be a hit among all family members. You really get to know each other better by solving problems in a stressful situation. A visit to Questrooms can also be a really good – or bad – first date.

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