Questroom and the horror escape, great way to scare the sh*t out of yourself & your friends

Last night I took my best friend and boyfriend out for a little live game. What I didn’t tell them was that we were going to play the “horror escape” at Questroom on Södermalm. I did tell them to not wear white clothes and that it might be a bit scary, but neither I or them could imagine how scared we would be in the end of the evening.

It’s a live performance that I reccomend anyone who wants an endorphine kick to try, but if you are as scared as me and my best friend, maybe starting with the horror room is not the best idea. I nearly sh*t my pants, sorry for the language but that’s the truth. We could all laugh about it when we finished but when we were in the middle of the game, all I could feel was panic and fear. Although I think my boyfriend really enjoyed seeing the two of us that scared, I think he will laugh about the faces we made and the screams for quite a while.

Remember the scariest horror movie you watched? Today you’ll be in it as the victim. The victim who is desperatly trying not to be served as a dinner. Adults only. FIRST LIVE PERFOMANCE IN STOCKHOLM! NB: This room is only for 3-5 players.

The staff at Questroom are relly professional and they just give you a whole experience that will give you so much more than just watching a scary movie. There are other rooms as well that are not as scary so they do have something for everyone, next time I want to try the Russian maffia escape.


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