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During your stay in Stockholm, it might be fun to break the usual routine and do something a little different than you usually do, like shopping, museums, walks and visit restaurants and bars. An excellent alternative is to visit some of the city’s pool halls. Besides that it’s fun, a great thing with billiard is that almost anyone can play regardless of age, physical strength or level.

Last updated: May 8, 2018

Billiard is said to come from croquet similar sports and in order to look like grass the cloth is green. The sport is often divided into three major subdivisions: pool, carom billiards, and snooker, and of course, Stockholm offers opportunities to play all these kinds.

Here are 10 billiard halls in Stockholm where you can show friends or family who’s the pool champion and have a nice evening.



Biljardpalatset is the biggest in Scandinavia when it comes to pool, and also Stockholm’s oldest pool hall that opened in 1963. There are three floors with 41 tables for both pool, carom, and snooker, and with the nice and relaxed atmosphere, you and your party are guaranteed to have a great evening. If you are in the mood for something to eat or drink, the bars offer a wide range for all tastes and needs.


Sankt Eriksgatan 52, Kungsholmen (map)



Söderhallen Biljard

På Söderhallen Biljard you can feel the perfect balance between competition and relaxation. In a pleasant, relaxed and personal atmosphere – like it usually is in this part of the city, Södermalm – you can enjoy a beer while playing pool with friends. Should you get tired of playing billiards the facility also has a bar, sports TV, Black Jack, Jack Vegas machines, arcade games, pinball machines, and computer rentals.


Hornsgatan 61, Södermalm (map)

Play pool Stockholm


JoLo & Co

JoLo & Co is a pool hall at Odenplan in Stockholm. The pool hall is nice and holds a total of 28 pool tables and a VIP room if you and your party want to play more private and be able to listen to your own music, etc. The full-sized Brunswick tables are top quality, and all equipment is well maintained. In addition, the hall’s instructors, who are all active competitive players, are at your service knowing all the rules and full of great tips to improve your game. The venue also has a fully licensed restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner when done playing billiards.


Västmannagatan 50, Vasastan (map)

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On Ballbreaker on Kungsholmen, you can play pool in an environment far from a traditional pool hall. Instead of worn cloths and a soiled carpet, you get full-size Brunswick tables in the competition class and quality materials. The facility also offers a range of other activities (bowling, dart, golf, shuffleboard, VR, racing etc), and a restaurant and bar if you should get tired of billiards.


Lindhagensgatan 114, Kungsholmen (map)




At Snookerhallen on Södermalm the focus is snooker, even though you can also play ‘regular pool’. The hall is the leading snooker club in Sweden offering 9 snooker tables, 5 pool tables, dart boards, a lounge with big screen TV, and a bar with refreshments and snack foods.


Krukmakargatan 34, Södermalm (map)

Play billiard in Stockholm



Citybiljard, only 15 meters from Skanstull subway station in Södermalm, offers a welcoming atmosphere and is a great place to relax and have a good time after a long day. Here you and your friends can play pool on one of the 11 tables available, and listen to the sounds of rock, soul, house and pop music. You can also dine in the restaurant or enjoy a glass of beer at the bar.


Götgatan 101, Södermalm (map)




If you like to play pool listening to heavy rock music, you should definitely head to RoQ in Vasastan. This is the city’s most rocking pool hall and it offers 20 pool tables and a VIP room if you want to play more private. The venue also has table tennis, darts, and pinball. Additionally, you can eat, drink and enjoy live music in this cool rock environment.


Gyldéngatan 2, Vasastan (map)

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Whether you’re looking to beat your friends in pool or a relaxed evening in the bar, you will enjoy your stay at Söderbiljarden. In this nice environment, there are 13 billiard tables, 11 pool tables in the newer competition class, and 1 carom table. The tables are always well-kept in order to provide the best playing experience possible. You can also play darts and pinball (here you can find some of Stockholm’s finest pinball), and order beer or whiskey in the well-filled bar.


Bondegatan 18, Södermalm (map)



O’Learys Norrtull Event Center

O’Learys Norrtull Event Center is an activity center where you can not only play pool but also bowling, shooting, golf, racing, basketball, darts etc. In other words, everything you need to have a great evening with friends or family.


Sveavägen 143, Vasastan (map)

Billiard halls in Stockholm


Ugglan Boule & Bar

Ugglan Boule & Bar calls itself the largest youth club for adults, and for more than 20 years countless happy guests have come here to have fun together in this 1500 square foot venue. The environment is quite special – it has been described as an underground club in Berlin – and the pool tables, which is coin tables (don’t forget to bring some change), are located near the bar so you are never far from a good beer. If you should feel done playing pool, you can continue the evening with activities such as shuffleboard, boules, table tennis, darts, foosball, air hockey, board games, arcade games or pinball.


Närkesgatan 6, Södermalm (map)


We wish you a pleasant evening playing pool in Stockholm!

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