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The Target – get a thrilling adrenaline rush at the shooting range

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Looking for a little more excitement in your everyday life? Bring some friends and and maximize the adrenaline at The Target in Västberga south of Stockholm.

So, what is The Target you might wonder? Well, it’s a modern shooting venue with a total of 18 shooting ranges. Here you can choose between different weapons packages from beginners to premium and max packages. Try the same weapons as the action heroes and feel how your inner Bruce Willis comes to life.

Everybody comes here: professionals, amateurs, bridal shower groups and businesses. You get full introduction and safety review by experienced and pleasant instructors, and if you get settled in your role and feel that this is your thing you can always join The Gun Club – a longer training in gun shooting where you train your skills and collect licenses on different levels. In the final stage you can even start competing.

Also take the opportunity to test crossbow shooting, or why not a speedy battle boat ride in the archipelago? Here you’ll find everything when it comes to excitement and adrenaline.

Welcome to The Target!

Top 3 reasons to visit

A unique and thrilling experience

Knowledge from experienced instructors

Bucket list activity

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The Target – maximize your adrenaline at the shooting range

Are you a classic Eastwood or a Jason Bourne? Maybe a Bruce Willis? Bring your friends and maximize the adrenaline.

Sometimes you wish life was a bit more like a movie. Shooting. Action. The smell of gunpowder and metal. Double volts behind the chest. The feeling of life and excitement. At Västberga Allé in Hägersten, you’ll find The Target, a popular shooting facility that offers exactly that – maximized adrenaline and an extraordinary experience.

There are a total of 18 shooting ranges. You’ll learn the basics of shooting technology with a safety review and full introduction by professional and experienced instructors. There are weapons packages from medium to premium and max.

The Medium Package is best suited for beginners, and among others, it includes Glock, known from classic films like Bourne Ultimatum. Because of its reliability and low weight, it has become popular with police forces and militaries around the world. The Premium Package, which is the most popular, offers five weapons, while the Max Package gives you eight guns, including ‘Ruger Super Redhawk 44 Magnum,’ the classic caliber known from old Dirty Harry movies with Clint Eastwood. This weapon is not to be played with. Expect big bangs and gun powder.

A broad mix of people come to The Target – police officers, amateurs, groups of friends, company groups, and bridal showers. Some come to practice their skills with the same determination and discipline as a sport, while others want to test something different and get a kick in their everyday lives. And you definitely don’t have to be a police or stuntman to visit this shooting facility. Why not invite your date to some Die Hard romance? Whether you hit the target or not, The Target can guarantee a fun and bucket list-friendly experience that you’ll never forget.

If you feel that this is your thing, there’s the opportunity to join The Gun Club. To qualify, you must meet a variety of basic prerequisites, as well as be of age and have a clean criminal record. All you have to do is fill out a form on the website. Once you become a member, you’ll receive a longer training in gun shooting where you train your skills according to license and different levels, from beginner to competition.

Now you can also test on a newly launched concept: crossbow shooting. It’s led by an experienced instructor who teaches you all about safety rules and shooting techniques. The bangs are not as high, but the adrenaline is the same, and how many can say they’ve tried crossbow shooting?

If this isn’t enough for your adrenaline, another activity might do the trick: you can take a battle boat ride through the Stockholm archipelago. During the trip, you’ll experience extreme maneuvers at 40 knots that no other boat can handle. But no worries, the crew is experienced and will tell you about the type of boat and its history. Take your friends on a speed tour among the islands!



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