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Södra Sällskapet – a unique concept of small Italian dishes and great cocktails

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Södra Sällskapet is an Italian restaurant and cocktail bar on Södermalm, where both food and decor are inspired by Italy at its best – Venice. Their unique concept is called Cicchetti, which means small Italian dishes to share. The arrangement is similar to tapas, but with Italian ingredients.

In the wide range of small dishes, all of which are made from top quality ingredients, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re in the mood for meat, fish or vegetarian and vegan. The excellent food is served in a uniquely decorated restaurant with lots of plants and cozy lighting to provide the perfect Italian ‘garden feeling.’ In short, a culinary trip beyond the ordinary!

Welcome to Södra Sällskapet!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Unique concept where you share smaller Italian dishes

Wide selection of exciting cocktails

Interior inspired by the cozy areas in Venice

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Södra Sällskapet – a culinary journey through Italy

Cicchetti. Taste the word. A word filled with a great taste experience. The first and only restaurant in Sweden that can offer that experience is here – Södra Sällskapet on Åsögatan on Södermalm in Stockholm.

Cicchetti is about Italian small dishes. Both the food and the interior design are inspired by the cozy areas of Venice.

“This year only, we’ve visited Venice three times. This is where we get inspiration for the food, and we’ve also come home with a furnishing,” says Gabriel Haidari, operations manager of the restaurant and one the owners.

Therefore, the restaurant received a significant makeover, with lots of plants and cozy lighting that give the place the perfect Italian ‘garden atmosphere.’

The choice of food consists of small dishes with an equal share of meat, fish and vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone. Imagine tapas, but with Italian ingredients.

All pasta dishes can also be ordered as full-sized portions, for those who don’t want small dishes. You’ll also find a sample menu, which combines the top seven dishes. The dishes in the sample menu are larger, so you send the food around the table like you’re in an Italian family’s home — family style dining.

“The news of this new concept has traveled fast. We got very good ratings from those who’ve visited us. It’s an extremely good feedback,” says Gabriel.

The food is made with love, the best ingredients, and everything is selected carefully, according to Gabriel.

“That’s something a lot of people say, but in our case, it’s really how it is. We put a lot of time into creating our dishes and menus. When you do that, you have to handpick the ingredients.”

Cicchetti is also served in the bar, but in the form of Cicchettini, small Italian snacks, perfect for mingling before dinner or when you’re just craving something small.

It’s an exciting new concept, but Södra Sällskapet is, of course, not only about food. The drink menu is a trademark of the restaurant.

“In a way, the bar is the heart of this place. Our drinks attract people from near and far.”

Södra Sällskapet used to have a French menu.

“We got tired of it after a couple of years, the French cuisine is what it is, to put it that way. We found new inspiration in Italy, and this concept gives us more opportunities to play, which inspires us. Italy has always held a special place in our hearts, so it’s an honor to work with it again,” says Gabriel.

Like we said. Remember Cicchetti. Or simply book a table at Södra Sällskapet.



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Monday 11 am – 11 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 11 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 1 am
Thursday 11 am – 1 am
Friday 11 am – 1 am
Saturday 3 pm – 1 am
Sunday closed

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