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Sigtunahöjden – with the forest as a neighbor and focus on sustainability

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Sigtunahöjden hotel and conference is located with Sweden’s first city, Sigtuna, on one side and Lake Mälaren’s water on the other. This is a world-class meeting facility that is passionate about sustainability.

Here you have the soothing forest as a neighbor while the town of Sigtuna is only a few minutes away. The proximity to Arlanda Airport and Stockholm makes Sigtunahöjden an excellent place both for meetings and relaxation.

At the hotel, you can sleep well in comfortable beds in one of the cozy rooms that overlook the forest. The surroundings are perfect for walks, and you have the opportunity to try forest bathing or a mind walk that helps you to wind down.

For those who really want to relax, there’s a spa area for a small number of guests where you can enjoy treatments and bathe in the jacuzzi and sauna without having to crowd.

Restaurant Skog is absolutely top class. Here, an award-winning kitchen team works to create gastronomic experiences with primarily Nordic ingredients. Everything is locally produced and sometimes even picked just around the corner. Branchlets, birch-pickled vegetables, and fresh nettle cheese are on the menu.

At Sigtunahöjden, care for both people and the environment is in focus. They strive to work together with the guest and to learn from each other.

Welcome to Sigtunahöjden!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Get away from everyday life, relax, and enjoy the calm of the forest

Restaurant Skog serves really good food made from locally produced ingredients

Ambitious sustainability thinking characterizes the entire facility

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Sigtunahöjden – a relaxing and sustainable experience between forest and city

Sigtunahöjden has Sweden’s first city, Sigtuna, on one side and Lake Mälaren’s water on the other. This relaxing meeting place offers a hotel, conference facilities, a restaurant, and a spa – simply all the things you need, whether you want to relax with family and friends or have an inspiring conference with your work colleagues.

The name Sigtunahöjden is no coincidence. ‘Höjden’ means hill in Swedish, and here on a hill in the forest, you have a view of the landscape, the water, and above all the woods.

“The forest is our closest neighbor and characterizes everything we do. From using nature in the interior to experimenting with the flavors of the forest in the restaurant and thinking of the entire business as part of a cycle,” says Lotta Boman, CEO.

History tells that King Erik Segersäll needed a place for people to meet and founded the city of Sigtuna in the late 900s. A heritage that Sigtunahöjden is keen to manage well so that people can continue to meet here in the future as well. Therefore, sustainability work is a common theme in all parts of the business.

Beehives contribute to biodiversity and also provide the hotel and guests with honey to use for seasoning or to buy and take home. The staff’s colorful clothes are made from recycled fabrics and the focus is constantly on making the least possible impact on the environment.

And the work pays off: In 2019, Sigtunahöjden received an award for the most sustainable company of the year and has been Nordic Swan Ecolabelled for many years. The ambitious sustainability work attracts many people who want to learn and are inspired to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

“We want to offer an inspiring comprehensive experience and be a collaboration partner to our guests. We want you to leave here with lots of new ideas and thoughts,” says Lotta.

The restaurant, which is called Skog (forest in Swedish), is central to this experience. Here, an award-winning kitchen team works to create food experiences with a high gastronomic level. The focus is Swedish locally grown raw ingredients in season. They are often from locally produced farms in the province Uppland or just picked around the corner.

“Together with the food profile Lisen Sundgren, we have created an exciting menu where herbs and plants from the surroundings are included. Like fir cone oil, nettle cream cheese, birch pickled vegetables, and canned fir cones,” says Lotta.

In the dining room, the light shines through the large windows. The open plan free of pillars makes it perfect for larger groups, parties, and weddings. You sit with almost a 360-degree view.

Adjacent to the restaurant, the hotel is housed in its own building. The bright and open lobby welcomes you with strong and soft colors that follow the seasons’ changes. All details are carefully selected, of course, with nature as the inspiration. The hand-made wooden roof creates a smooth acoustic, and the whole venue is characterized by calm.

Here you are not met by a classic reception desk. Instead of thinking about traditional service, Sigtunahöjden strives to work close to the guest.

“We want the environment we work in to reflect what we want to communicate. We hang out with our guests, and they hang out with us. We want to work together. And learn from each other.”

The cozy hotel rooms all have views of the forest. Here you can really relax from everyday stress, sleep well, and view nature. Maybe go for a walk down to the lake or try a forest bath. At the same time, the town of Sigtuna is only a few minutes away.

There’s also a spa that offers a wide range of massages, skincare, and treatments. There are three jacuzzis, a sauna, and a relaxation area where you can relax with soft music and refreshments.

“Our spa is small and personal. There are rarely more than 25 guests here at the same time, and many guests appreciate coming here, relax, and be left alone,” says Lotta.

The meeting and conference facilities are also top-notch. Whether you are looking for an inspiring setting for the company’s next conference with an overnight stay or need a smaller room for a creative day meeting with your colleagues, the meeting experts at Sigtunahöjden offer everything you need for a successful meeting. Here you can work in peace and quiet while enjoying the hotel’s facilities and good food that keeps the energy up all day.

Whether you’re longing to just get away for a while, breathe in the scents of the forest and enjoy good food, or are looking for an inspiring environment for the next conference, Sigtunahöjden is an excellent choice. Here they take care of both people and nature with a lot of warmth and commitment.



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