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Daniel Ankarstrand is the therapist who became a craftsman. Today he has his home in Siberia, on Roslagsgatan, where he manufactures stylish accessories in salmon leather. That’s right, salmon leather!

It started with his mother-in-law buying him the wrong gift for Christmas and ended with Daniel Ankarstrand deciding to take the matter into his own hands – literally. After hundreds of hours and thousands of stitches, he changed his career from therapist to fashion-conscious craftsman. In 2016 he founded Siberia Stockholm, the brand that produces handmade and sustainable wallets and watchbands in salmon leather.

The collection offers minimalist and stylish accessories. The colors are navy blue, green, silver, and burgundy red. The leather is reminiscent of velvet-skinned velvet, and over time the surface gets an even more beautiful patina. The combination of craftsmanship, sustainability, and modern design has had a major impact on customers, with overseas orders, collaborations, and customized bespoke assignments.

The name is a tribute to the area Sibirien in Vasastan. This is where the brand came to life, and this is also where you’ll find the studio. The dream is to expand internationally and combine the studio with a store where customers and visitors can watch while the craft is being made on site.

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Sibirien Stockholm
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Roslagsgatan 24
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