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Reventón Tapas & Bar – an explosion of flavors in one of Stockholm’s oldest restaurant premises

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Reventón Tapas & Bar offers a wide variety of Spanish and European tapas dishes. In the old cozy premises, families, and friends of all ages have gathered since 1931 to enjoy delicious food, good drinks, and a lovely atmosphere.

Close to Odenplan in central Stockholm, you can find Reventón Tapas & Bar, a restaurant that offers excellent food, drinks, and service. Here, all dishes are served as tapas, perfect for those who like variety and might want to try something new. The small dishes are also excellent for sharing with your company. The bestseller that all customers should try is their fish taco, with hake, pickled red onion, and cream cheese.

People of all ages come here, and Reventón is filled with couples, families, and friends every evening. The visitors are mainly young people who choose Reventón because of its high quality of both food and drink. The menu can be described as a cascade of flavors, and the guests are often pleasantly surprised by the good food. The restaurant’s goal is to constantly improve and continually surprise the guests. They also update their menu regularly to keep being innovative and give guests an even better experience. So far, it has been a success.

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The premises has housed different restaurant businesses since 1931. In the 1930s, it was a beer cafe, and for almost a hundred years, the restaurant business has developed, changed owners, and been preserved. At Reventón, they maintain the historical heritage, and the paintings on the walls are from the restaurant’s first decade. The motifs on the large pompous paintings are taken from Bellman’s world. They depict people dancing, eating, drinking, and also the restaurant from the outside. The art contributes to the cozy, warm, and pleasant atmosphere much appreciated by the guests at Reventón. The artist behind the paintings is Gösta Creutz.

The long history means that Reventón has plenty of regulars, and some guests have been around for as long as 50 years. These are mainly older people who have visited the restaurant since they were young and still come here for a good meal. The 1939 paintings are particularly popular with these guests, who like bringing friends and family to show them off.

The restaurant’s name has a special symbolism and history behind it. Reventón was a Spanish bull that killed its matador in a bullfight, so it has a solid connection to Spain and Spanish culture. This is also illustrated in the company’s logo, which consists of an image of a Spanish bull. And in Spanish, the word reventón means “little explosion.” A firework of flavors that sums up the food at Reventón well. This is more than just tapas; it’s a taste experience.

Welcome to Reventón Tapas & bar!

Top 3 reasons to visit

Super tasty tapas with exciting flavors.

A large selection of good and affordable beer and wine.

Very cozy premises with almost a hundred years of restaurant history.



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